Mish Mash and Mentions

This weekend... I'm taking my BF to a nice dinner on ClubStreet... will review the restaurant for you (!). And Saturday night, we might pop down to Piedra Negra for a beer (if our BBQ before that ends early), my friend Aloysius is spinning at Piedra Negra (details below!). And Monday will be a day for a hike or something.

Yay! Love super long weekends.. fantastic that we're having 2 in a row. My work schedule is flexible, so whether it's the weekend or weekday, it made no difference to me. But I really cherish the weekends now that I have a BF who works fixed hours on weekdays.

My Super Chio Necklace

Check out my super chio personalised silver necklace from Desire-Desired.
They can personalise necklaces, bracelets etc to have your name... or whatever design.
They also have monthly Sprees on clothes at such tempting low low low prices! (Their current promo until end May = Free normal postage for all orders.... 3 pieces and above will get free reg post.)I designed it myself *beaming*. Well, sort of! It's actually quite easy, just pick out the font you want, and pick out any swirls or patterns that you want to include. It's all listed on their website under "Personalised". Mine has a tiny sparkly gem embedded at the end of the swirl. You can also choose to have it gold plated if you don't like 925 silver. This Sexy CrossBack Tank Dress that I am wearing today is from ShopTan. I't's available in black too.

Chill Out this Saturday (30 April).

Piedra Negra (go up to Level 2)

It's a cool chill out 3 floor pub... right on Haji Lane, you won't miss it.

Starts at 9pm.

No cover, free entry.

You must be 18 yrs and Above

Their FB event page is - Here.

Like & Flash Passion Fanpage on mobile and get a drink from the passion crew!http://facebook.com/passionfanpage

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