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Why be boring when you can be add more colour to your life? Skin your mobile phone and stand out from the crowd.

Skins are like a coating of protection for your mobile phone which comes in many different designs to suit your style. It's covered with a glossy clear laminate layer to protect the design and the device from minor scratches and abuse.

I prefer skins over cases and covers because skins don't make your phone bulky. Skins leave no marks and scratches on your gadgets when it is removed.
Skinpon.com brings us deals on skins for iphone, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, Nokia, htc and many other top brands at cheaper rates.

With Skinpon.com, skins are so much cheaper (like 40% to 90% cheaper!). It's a relatively new site but the amount of deals for skins are extensive. The rates are so cheap because of group buying. Skinpon.com negotiates a bulk buy deal with the Skin Supplier. Then this low price is offered to you.

If enough people purchase the deal within the time frame (usually about 10 days), then you get to enjoy it at that low low price. (Otherwise, the deal is off, you don't need to pay anything.)

Skins are like fashion statements. Here are my favourites from the various phone models:

This design is my favourite for the Blackberry. But it's available for other phone models too.I love that skins can cover all of the black ugliness of mobile phones.
You can download the screen background image to match your skin too.

If you're using the older model of iPhone, no problem. They have it all.

They even have more boyish and executive designs made of carbon fibre, or wood or leather.

Save money yet change your phone skins as often as you like. Go check out the current deals on offer at Skinpon.com.

If your phone brand is featured in a current deal, click purchase now. (You can click the links on the page to check out the mobile phone models and skin designs available for that deal.)

Payment can be done via PayPal or bank in (coming soon). Don't worry, your card won't be charged if the deal is off.

Then sit back and wait for the minimum number of buyers to be reached. You can tell your friends, colleagues, family members and your neighbours about deals at SKINPON via the FB and Twitter links on the deal page. This way, the minimum number of buyers needed to secure that deal will be reached quickly.

Plus, for every succesful recommendation you make, you get $1 in credit! And you'll enjoy a brand new skin for cheapies!

Stay updated on their latest deals via their FB page and Twitter.


  1. That's interesting. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for the share HJ. Worthwhile save $$$ while we can.. ;)

  3. HJ,

    Just an additional info for HJ fans.

    Checkout our Facebook Photo Tagging Contest now. We’re giving away free iPhone skins to 2 winners each week. Enter the Skinpon Free iPhone Skin Contest for a chance to win a free Skin of your choice.

    More details at http://www.skinpon.com/free-iphone-skins-facebook-photo-tagging-contest/


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