If There Ever Were A Time For Change (SDP policies)

I don't ever talk politics on my blog. It's not my thing.

But it'll be my first time voting and I have no idea what's going on. Do I just vote for my area, Pasir ris? How does it work then? If the opposition wins the majority of areas in Singapore then they rule the country and we are no longer run by PAP? Is that how it works?

You know, all this while, I always thought- I'll vote PAP, no questions asked. My parents have always voted for the PAP. I have no real qualms about them. I think Singapore is a very successful little nation despite our contraints in terms of natural resources and space. I love our infrastructure and the efficiencies it brings about with it.

But I just watched this speech by Dr Vincent Wijaysingha of the SDP. And it got me feeling- Yes. I want that utopian vision of Singapore you are speaking about. I want all my people to be cared for and for no one to fall behind. I want all those ideals you propose.

But who is going to pay for it? How will it work?! The only way I see all that being a possibility is by increasing our taxes by a LOT. If you bring down the cost of HDBs, implement minimum wage, don't exploit cheap foreign labour for construction ...... then what will this country run on? Won't we eventually have to pay for all these 'ideals' through taxes? I shudder to think that one day we'd be taxed more than 40% of our income... like in Denmark. I think most of our talents (local and foreign) will not choose to be here anymore.

But I do know that currently, there is definitely a need for more transparency. Where is our country's money going to in the first place? To ministers' salaries (one of the highest in the world, right?) ? To some dodgy investments in China? How much of it has been misappropriated or poorly used? Is this country just over hoarding stacks of money when it could be used on the citizens who need it now?

Could we, as a country, all these years, have actually afforded all those ideals the SDP speaks of
... without increasing taxes or borrowing or digging into reserves ... but by simply having a government who was more honest and truly had the citizen's welfare as a priority?

(Also... on a side note, what will happen to our country when Harry Lee Kuan Yew dies?)

You know, if there ever were a time for a change... I feel that it is our generation who will finally have the power to change things. With the internet, and better education... we can definitely get messages across... ask the right questions... and know where to find the answers.

But at the same time... what do I know?! What's your view on this?


  1. Anonymous10:36 am

    SDP called for donations in their website to raise funds for the 5 digit fee they needed to submit their application to contest. Even if they win, with no money, what can they do right? Let's be realistic. Opposition parties always have so many great ideas, but how much of these ideas were put into action for the past 5 years? Check out areas govern by opposition, they suck. So the truth is, no matter how much you hate the PAP, you gotta give it to them for building our nation into a prosperous 1st world. If you prefer to be under the opposition, go stay in Malaysia for a while and they decide again.

  2. Anonymous10:48 am

    You think the PAP use their own pocket money to run their constituencies?!

    Please lah. Whether the people in the party are rich or not, had no bearing on how well they can run a constituency. They're not using their own money lah.

    The PAP is unfair. The reason why the constituencies run by opposition parties do so poorly.. is because they are currently a minority. So PAP marginalises them.. dont give them the same $ and benefits which are allocated to all other constituencies.

    But it's not PAP's money lah. It's SIngapore's money.. which should be allocated fairly across all constituencies regardless of which party runs it. But of course the tyrants won't do this fairly.

  3. Anonymous11:57 am

    I welcome all good ideas to be carried out but i also fear if we are to hand over things totally and they messed up, what will be the consequences to our country? Yes, i don't believe everything the PAP does went the right way but i don't see the country going into bankruptcy or near bankruptcy. I'm not so much into politics so i wouldn't really know how the heck they run things behind kakaka but if opposition wins and things goes awry, it's not just as simple as sniggering at their incompetence.

  4. Anonymous2:38 pm

    to understand it just break the word down
    Poly is the greek word for many, and
    Ticks are blood sucking parasites.
    or just go by the definition of politics : something that pisses everybody off [hey, that's not what google says!] (now that's being political)

    As i like to say, Past Performance is the best indicator of Future Outcomes.
    So if you want to know if what someone is saying is true, then ASK one question. Have they already been working to build, create, and successfully implement the vision that they promote? Or have they just just talked (full of hot air)?
    Because IF they have changed nothing in the past, THEN expect more of the same if they get into power in the future.
    After all no true change happens by governments, but by people. And the people don't need parties to accomplish task.
    Who Needs Who More, anyway? Do you need the politicians, or do they need you?

    I doubt I am saying anything that changes the world (let alone a single persons mind).

    And to whomever reads (I mean ignores) this, Whatever your stance is You are CORRECT. I agree with each and every one of you, Except the guy saying legalize weed, you know who you are! [Hey, nobody said anything about weed] (yeah but you're thinking about it now)

    So I will finish my stupid rant with. Opinions are like assholes. All the more true in my case, in the fact that I have more than most.

  5. Holly,

    Be aware and keep an open mind. Read and talk with PAP oppostion.

    Utopion desires cannot outweigh real world demands and needs.

    SG is a small place, both city and state. Resources are the people.

    Making SG people friendly should be the highest priority.

    Do vote, but vote as an informed voter.

  6. Anonymous1:00 am

    Dear Holly,

    You are so politically uninformed, it's scary.

    Please do yourself a favour by reading up.


  7. I agree with anon 1.00am

    Do us a favor and just stick to what you're best at ie. blogging about mindless stuff, expounding on sex&relationship and buying cheap underwear.

    Leave the intellectual topics aside cos it's embarrassingly bad when you attempt to write about it.


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