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I love flipping through Home Decor magazines and visiting trendy home accessory stores. I adore modern, quirky and bold designs. However, names like Allessi and Philippe Starck are not what I can afford. That doesn't mean that I have to forget about my love for fun and contemporary home accessories though! I've found !

They bring us cleverly designed gifts and accessories for the home and office. I am in love with their super cute kitchen and dining accessories... and they also have quirky stationery, organisers and all sorts of innovative gadgets for the home. I can't wait to see them grow so they can bring in an even wider selection of brands and products for us.

It's the perfect site to pick up a unique gift. Or fill your home with fun looking yet functional stuff.

They have brands such as Suck UK, Qualy, MWseries and Takeya. All high quality product brands at affordable prices. Plus NO GST. :)

Here are some products which I love...

Keyholder - His & Hers I love matchy his her stuff. This stainless steel set looks so cute together, plus it'll keep you from misplacing your keys! Just In Case

Haha... the Just in CASE... get it? Get it??? :) Makes a good medicine box, sweet box or even a tampon case.

If you have a partner who has to travel a lot, get them a Just In Case, fill it with something sweet to remind them of you, and secretly slip it into his/her luggage before they go away. That way, they'll get a nice surprise when they're away and missing you.
Shuriken Magnet Oh so cool. Looks like those ninja throwy stuff! And when u place it onto your fridge/whiteboard, it will look like it's a weapon that's been wedged in there! Lid Pen

Here's one hell of a giant pen cap... that's been turned into a pen holder. A quirky gift for a teacher or student... or for that freak who actually has a GIANT sized pencil (I know there are quite a few of you out there)! Floating Wine Bottle Holder
This is such an innovative design. It's bound to attract attention everytime you have guests. It also makes a fabulous housewarming gift. Mr. Dog

Of course, we must not leave our pets out, they are part of our fabulous home. Mr. Dog bowls open and shut at will! And looks nice in your home too. (Hope they design a good looking pee tray next for Lola!)
Polar Ice Bucket How clever is this?! As your ice melts, the excess water drips down into the lower bucket where the tiny polar bear lives. So cute! Floppy Disk Sticky Notes

OMG. Old school! Looks exactly like those old floppy disks! Haaa....

Illusion Glass

It can be a regular drinking glass or turned over to become a chinese tea cup. It comes in a set of 6 and is made of heat resistant material.

Tea Shirt

Oh.. this is perfect for tea drinkers. Instead of soaking a Lipton's paper tea bag in their cup.. they can drop in this Tea Shirt! Tea Shirt comes in red, black, white and green colours. :)

In Between Desktop organiser
Such a unique design! It's a lake with water ripples, and then you have clouds above it. Use it on your desk for your pens and pencils.... It would also make a fabulous make-up pencils and brush organiser! Only Sg$19!!

Free Shipping for orders over $50. Just us Code SHIP5 (valid from 1 Apr 2011 to 30 Apr 2011). Go check out the whole range of stuff available at !

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  1. love em, esp the polar bear ice bucket!

  2. Very cute! Chances are if i buy them they'll end up sitting somewhere.

  3. Anonymous2:00 pm

    hi holly,

    does the free shipping apply to countries besides Singapore too?

  4. Anonymous7:14 pm


    The free shipping is only meant for Singapore delivery. Overseas shipping cost will be charged as per the rates quoted by SingPost.



  5. This is genius! I love these things and I love blogging about them too so it'll put a smile on everyone's faces :) I love the polar bear jug!

  6. Anonymous9:27 pm

    omg love love love it! but i'm on a budget now :(

  7. Anonymous9:27 pm

    omg love love love it! but i'm on a budget now :(

  8. hey! saw u at d turf club. i like those household stuff too!...
    anw since u like quirky stuff, i tink u'll like my gnome haha..


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