Whitening Update

Now that I am on this whitening journey with Shiseido, I am taking notice of whitening products I see around me. I saw lots of it in KL over the weekend. I think whitening is bigger there than it is in Singapore so far. (Surprisingly)
Travelling can be quite stressful on the skin... especially when a lot of it is done outdoors in a hot and polluted climate... so I made sure to pack my White Lucent range- Cleanser, softener (like a toner), moisturiser and Serum... all travel size in my pink toiletries pouch! :)In my make up pouch, I had the White Lucent Brightening Spot Control Base and the Brightening Spot Control Foundation.The base comes in 3 colours Ivory, Green and Pink. Ivory has the best coverage in my opinion, like a concealer. Green is useful if you have a lot of red spots as it will help neutralise the redness. I'm using the pink one as it gives the most vibrance and radiance.

The foundation in the White Lucent range gives a very natural finish. It does not put a blanket of white stuff on your face ( that's not what whitening should be like!)... instead, it gives a soft, natural finish that has a radiance to it. This product contains luminizing powder, so it reflects the surrounding lights making my skin look effortlessly radiant.

I also brought along the new Multi Defense UV Protector SPF50. It's the newest addition to my White Lucent range of products. I am so loving this face sun block. It's got high SPF protection... yet it's very light on my skin. It didn't dry out my skin or cause any clogging either.

P/s- I was travelling ultra light so I did not take along with me the brightening skincare powder.It is a treatment powder, it does not give coverage so you should either use it at night, or underneath your (coloured/pigmented) powdery foundation during the day. A light dust of this skincare powder helps to reduce dark spots and it gives my skin a smooth velvety texture.

:) Me loves my White Lucent range

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  1. Do you know how much is the brightening skincare powder?

  2. Babe, i love your new polish.. v nice! ;)

  3. i know the serum is sg$158.

    not sure abt the price of the brightening powder though... call/pop by any shiseido counter to find out :)

    Pink miu miu - the tips are LA COLORS nails polish in Metallic Silver. The base is ettusais PK8, and then a Gel top coat (also ettusais).

  4. Anonymous4:23 pm

    ya HJ. your nail color so gorgeous. futuristic. love it.

  5. Anonymous4:34 pm

    keep the tanned look holly,the pic makes u look paler but older, prefer when u were using the makeup range from ettusais (spelling?)

  6. Anonymous8:50 am

    I'm from Australia and they don't sell the White Lucent makeup range here. Is the Brightening Skincare Powder sold as an ongoing product where you are, or is it a limited edition? I got the powder as a free gift here but as a limited edition product. I absolutely love this powder.

  7. I am in Singapore. The white lucent range including the powder is ongoing here. Not limited issue.


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