Travel Safe People!

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a registration system where you can e-register, and key in your holiday destinations. That way, (as it sadly so often happens nowadays), if there is a crisis like a flood, civil unrest, bomb... whatever, the people here will be able to know your whereabouts overseas.
Regardless of whether you are travelling abroad for study, work or leisure, the eRegister system allows you to record information about your travel itinerary abroad.The information you provide will allow MFA and our Embassies or Consulates to contact and render assistance to you during an emergency or crisis (eg natural disasters etc).
I think this service is vital, and only works if you make use of it. Otherwise, it's just a whole bunch of ???? for the people over here who are tasked to help you when disaster strikes overseas.

I bet a lot of you never even heard of it yet. So I'm just doing a little public service by letting you know that there is such a registry. The MFA eRegister system is a voluntary and free service provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to all Singapore citizens who travel or reside overseas.


‘eRegister & Win” Lucky Draw

There are 2 weekly winners who will walk away with $150 cash and a grand draw with $1000 worth of shopping vouchers to be won, only for the month of March. So if you're planning a trip this year, now's a good time to e-register early.

CLICK HERE to eregister.


On a side note, I was looking for random holiday photos to put in this post to make it a bit more interesting for you... and I started looking through holiday pics of Mark and I, and I was suddenly hit with like... sadness. Looking at the photos, the smiles, the happiness, the wonderful moments shared... just made me realise that it was a great phase of my life. And it made me a bit sad to think that fairy tales don't always work out.

Then I made it worse by looking at pics of GB and I. Which was worse, even though there were significantly less pics (and less experiences) with GB as we were only together 5 months... but they were so recent.

I am happy now. Possibly even happier than ever before. But it doesn't discount the fact that I shared my life with people and as much as I brush it off as easily as you would lint, I cannot help but realise how these special people had a part to play in making me who I am today... and that for some moment in the past, those photographs were a reality.

But that's life, right? Some people are not meant to be permanently in our lives. Life is one big revolving door. We all come and go. And it takes a special pair to stick together.

I'll make new memories now... and I have a feeling that these memories will someday be looked back upon fondly as we grow old together. (But I'll stop talking now, I don't want to jinx it!).


  1. holly, i think it's really sweet of you to voluntarily raise awareness of that system! because i certainly didnt know abt it! i thikn its really sweet cuz thrs alot of ppl who reads ur blog and would benefit by using tt system when they travel overseas. i'll be using it when i go overseas soon, so thanks!

    and the past is like a lesson we learn in life so as to guide us to how we should move on. good luck in ur current relationship and hope it does ends up well!


  2. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Hey HJ,

    thanks for sharing the MFA function/webbie.

    good to hear that u're doing good and happy! all the best for all that the future holds!



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