Sucker Punch

I often tag along with my parents to watch late night movies at eHub Downtown East. We can just walk there and back.
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Our movie tickets on a weekday is only $6.50 with my dad's NTUC link card. Think it's also that price if you have UOB card. I just watched Sucker Punch with them. It was BORING! (My dad's fault! He chose it.. saying it's from the same guy who made the film 300.. Zack Snyder).

It is nothing like the epic which 300 was. Sucker Punch is like a comic book made into film... but I'm not talking MARVEL comic standard (by the way THOR is coming soon and looked damn good in the trailer)... it's more like some shitty final fantasy anime type thing. OK, the visuals were impressive... some major CGI magic going on. But like don't pull that matrix slow mo fight scene shit on me repeatedly over a span of 2 hours! So boring.

In the film, Babydoll (the lead girl) had to attain 4 items - Fire, knife, map and key... in order to escape. And like everytime she goes to attain one thing.. there's an elaborate, loud and unreal (like superhuman strength and not much law of gravity) fight scene involved. And I remember thinking to myself.... oh no... she has to get 3 more items, that means I have to sit through 3 more similar scenes... I hope they're shorter ones. (They were not)

At least with games, you can press "A" to skip through the droney scenes.

I suppose there are people who will appreciate and applaud such a film. But if you're looking for a clever plot like Inception, a stellar cast of actors or soundtrack with some variation, you should give this a miss.

But... If you're looking for a plot involving 5 girls who are in a mental asylum... but in another parallel realm are oppressed burlesque dancers/whores and in yet another dream realm, are like super gung ho fighters..... beefed up with over-the-top violent scenes presented to you repeatedly in slow motion accompanied by blaring music. This is your lucky day!


  1. Anonymous8:22 am

    I did heard it was a bad movie.

    It is nice you watch movie with your mother and father though. I am 22 and I have not gone out with my parents for years!

  2. Anonymous12:21 am

    What is a GWP?

  3. Gift With Purchase.

    like when u buy or subscribe to a mag.. the ltd edition (usually branded) gift tht comes with it.

  4. cathay on weekdays $6 with UOB card. ;-)
    i always go ehub too.


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