Strange Bed Fellows

I'd like to think I'm a good person to share a bed with. I don't toss around, I don't breathe loudly (or snore or make other noises), I keep to my side of the bed when sleeping, but will not be perturbed when my partner rolls over for cuddles.

Here are some possible strange bed fellows.

The Noise Maker
These are the kind who can't breathe quietly, they snore, fart or talk in their sleep. I'm quite fortunate never to have had BFs who were noise makers.

The Dead Man Walking

Have you had a partner who sleep walks? I haven't. But I had one who woke up in the middle of the night, after a boozey night out, and went to piss in the wardrobe!

Ah... the fond memories.


These are the kind who kick in bed... or toss and turn a lot. I know my Dad is a fidgeter, that's why when my parents got a new bed, my mom insisted it be super king size, so she would stop getting kicked in the shin in the middle of the night!


A smotherer cannot keep to their side of the bed. The more you move away, the more they inch towards you.... and pretty soon, you realise you're right at the edge of the bed with no where to turn. A smotherer also will have his/her hands/arms/legs all over you as they sleep.

I think many people think many people think I'm one of those girls who smothers her partner in bed, I guess it's because I am usually very tactile. But I'm surprisingly not. I'm more concerned with giving my partner space so he can sleep well.

Creepy Eyes

One for my first BF's had creepy eyes! We were not sleeping together, I think I was just about 19 then. But we were hanging out in my house and he dozed off on the sofa. And my (then) little brother pointed out his creepy eyes to me! Thanks Wesley!
Creepy eyes are when you are asleep but your eyes don't fully shut. So people can still see some of the whites of your eyes. Looks like a zombie.

The River Nile
I had a BF who often perspired in bed because he had to have 2 duvets on! So in the middle of the night, I would tap him and gesture for him to come to my side of the bed (the dry side), because I knew his side would be a river by 3am.
What is your BF/Husband/GF/Wife/Mistress/Etc like in bed with you? Have you had any bad experiences?


  1. girl with the creepy eyes who talks and screams and used to sleepwalk10:32 am

    My bf's 1) and 3).
    I am 1)TALK AND SCREAM!, 2), 4)My bf's twice my weight, so you can imagine & 5) I've had people try talking to me thinking I was awake. I used to sleepwalk quite a lot when I was younger..not so much anymore.

  2. Anonymous10:37 am

    He snores, but not badly. When it gets disruptive to my sleep I just nudge him till he rolls over or moves, and the snoring will stop. He doesn't wake up or remember a thing in the morning. It's kind of cute actually. :)

  3. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Hi Holly,
    saw your "date" with Steven Lim on today's Mypaper! haha, must be very interesting right? will you be blogging about it? :)

  4. I used to sleepwalk but only twice as far as i remember when i was 11. I gritted my teeth too but not anymore. I'm not too much of a tamed sleeper on my own bed but when i'm not sleeping at home, i normally keep to my side (i think) and seems to be in the same position throughout :D

  5. lol your blog is hilarious. can't believe i've never heard of you before. but i'm pretty sure you're gonna be a regular fixture on my daily reads.

    oh, and do a blog post on the "date" you had with steven lim? but dont be too scathing - the poor guy has issues.

  6. Edhan5:51 pm

    the date with steven was scary... but your courage is admirable. and you compose yourself well. great job surviving that ordeal holly.

  7. my bf is none of the above.

    i think i'm a "snatcher" though.

    i snatch his blanket (we share one big blanket), bolster, pillow from him when i sleep and have no idea what i did. when i wake up, i have all the pillows and bolsters to myself.

    he look like such a poor thing, all curl up becos he is cold.

    i feel bad sometimes. =X

  8. my bf is none of the above.

    i think i'm a "snatcher" though.

    i snatch his blanket(we share 1 big blanket), pillow and bolster from him and have no idea what i did. when i wake up, i often had all the pillows and bolsters with me.

    he look like such a poor thing, all curl up becos he is cold.

    i feel bad sometimes. =X

  9. @girl with the creepy eyes
    haha.. man.. between u and your BF, your bed sounds like an amusement park! :D

    @anonymous 10.37- Awww.. :)

    @anon12.56pm- Yeah blogging about it later tonite.

    @Kuen- haha.. i know what u mean abt keepin same position throughout. I wnet thru a phase where I wld sleep straight on my back, with hands clasped and I didn't roll or move. One of my Bf's at the time said it creeped him out cos looks like the dead in the coffin. haha. Now i don't sleep straight anymore, usually on my side. :)

    @Seb- welcome! how did u come upon my blog? was it through the Date with Steven Lim video?

    @edhan - i wldn't call it an ordeal. def not a great date. but steven is not as bad a person as people make him out to be. :)

    @miss fiona - oh !! I forgot to include the Snatcher!

  10. One of my ex bf is a smotherer. Once I ended up sleeping at a small corner of his single size bed. Ugh!

  11. haha steven lim was spamming the link on everyone's fb walls and i apprehensively decided to check it out. turns out the interview had your blog link right there, too.


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