Random Bits

Just got a little present delivered from ettusais. It's a Quick Fix Kit... which has their latest Quick Fix powder... :) looking forward to trying this out asap. And look how pretty those gloves are! I can't believe I've been their ambassador for 2 years. What a wonderful journey. I'll miss all you ettusais babes ( especially you Sherry!). Ettusais is now on Facebook, LIKE them ok ? :)

Here's a random peek into my snack bag. Cranberry juice. Yoghurt drink. And a bag of those wheelie looking crisps... I love it. ( Hard to get it now though. It was more common when I was a child).

I was looking like mad for Vietnamese rice paper. Some ppl said go Bugis wholesale Market.... and someone else told me go Goldenmile supermarket.. in the end.. I went to Goldenmile. I mean no disrespect to any one, but I find Goldenmile a bit dodgey lah. ANYWAY, I got the rice paper. Paid $6 for a thick stack.

I made the springrolls (duck and prawn types) for my BF for dinner one night. And like it super sucked. He thinks it's lovely... but then he praises everything I cook, so I think he may be a wee bit biased.

AND THEN... last night we popped into the 24hours NTUC near whampoa... cos I was craving chocolate. And I saw the same rice paper there!! For $2! haaa... sods law.

Clickety Click- Read my column on The Royal Hand Me Down. By the way, do you think Prince William is hot? (I mean if he were just a regular joe, and not a prince).

OK I gtg, going for a long walk and get Lola's nails cut at the groomers. Then I have a meet up with ppl from coca cola later in the evening.


Anonymous said…
Prince William, not hot at all. what's so big deal about his wedding. Ha.
Kuen said…
Better than you saw it now than keep buying it at $6 with all the travelling haha.