Ku De Ta at Marina Bay Sands And Brown Fat

Had dinner at Ku De Ta (at the SkyPark of Marina Bay Sands). This Ku De Ta has nothing to do with the one in Bali (which I like very much...), in fact it's being sued by the original Ku De Ta for using the same name.

My dress is from ClubCouture.

I was there with my BF, his mom, one of his best friends and the best friend's wife and mother too. So all 6 of us.

Everyone seemed to have a nice night. The views are excellent. The service is good. My only gripe is that the food will not be the thing I go back for.

It's nuovo Asian sorta cuisine. I do like Asian food, but my rule of thumb is -if you're going to do new style Asian food in an Asian country, you better make it better than the original stuff.

We had duck (but if you're thinking succulent Peking duck.. you're way off the mark here), lamb, pork belly which was yummy, teriyaki chicken, asparagus, some udon noodley thing, rice wrapped up in a banana leaf, pan fried scallops, and I can't remember what else.

Almost like Indochine (but I think Indochine is much better in terms of taste/food).

Anyhoo... I suggest going up for a drink at the bar if you haven't already done so... and bring a cardigan, it gets chilly up there!

Brown Fat

I just got home from a dinner meeting with NSportal editor, and a couple of other writers (who do the fitness column) on ns.sg . Among the tonnes of stuff we were discussing, one of the things that came up was Brown Fat!

I said - WHAT???!

Well, my colleagues enlightened me that there are two types of fat. White fat (this is normal fatso fat), and brown fat (this is the good kind of fat that burns white fat to keep your body warm). Fat people generally have less brown fat. Babies have the most brown fat, and somehow we lose it as we age.

I wanna find out what we can eat/ exercises we can do to maximise or activate brown fat in our body!

And how do we know how much brown fat we have? If I feel cold all the time does that mean I don't have much brown fat, hence nothing is burning up my normal white fat to create heat??? :(
Have you heard of brown fat???
Ok night night time for me.


  1. I have heard of it and read about it before. There are several good sites on the 'net that go into a lot of detail. Babies have it because they lack the ability to shiver and generate body heat. Mammals that hibernate develop brown fat. Apparently, it will burn white (or bad fat). Wikipedia has a good article on (BAT) Brown adipose tissue. I have read some dietary sites that suggest NOT eating "processed" foods that have a lot of chemicals in them. Supposedly your liver has trouble filtering those things and they end up being converted to bad fat. They suggest "one ingredient" foods like fruits and veggies, butter instead of margarine, etc. Or a "no whites" diet. No dairy,(anything with eggs or milk) no sugar (use honey),yams instead of potatoes, no white bread, only germinated wheat bread, no white rice, brown or wild rice instead. There are a lot of opinions and theories on it. Sorry to write so much, I think it is very interesting.

  2. Babe, u looked so good in white.. Ravishing! Romantic atmosphere too ;)

  3. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Maybe this is why I don't get cold in lecture halls :))

  4. Anonymous6:51 am

    Dont really care abt brown fat crap but im guessing ur back with mark.

  5. Anonymous10:37 pm

    guys! let us all be scientifically correct here. Brown fat in baby (while still in uterus) was to keep them warm as they do not require that much energy (ATP) which was generated by redox reaction. You loose it from the moment you were born and more so eventually. Body functions the way it is and reality is, you won't get it back


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