Angel Card Reading

A couple days ago, I had my Angel Cards read by Elyse from MyCrystalSparkles. I have gone to fortune tellers before, and have always been interested in angels and divinity.

From what I understand, we all have angels looking after us. Some people are more in tune with them than others. Angel card readings are supposed to give us guidance and messages from our angels.

The whole session of angel card reading and then hands on healing lasted 1 hour in total. The hands on healing part was about 20 minutes, towards the end of the session. Some of the benefits of the healing are karmic release, re-energize the body and release negative thoughts.

For the Angel Card reading, you must go prepared with questions you want to find answers to. I didn't really have any questions prepared (So I just asked if I was on the right career path, and then I asked about compatibility with my BF)... but it's best if you specifically know what you want to ask your angels about.

Angel Cards Reading will especially benefit you if you are at a cross road. It is not a fortune telling session but it is for those who would like get divine guidance to get clarity. According to Elyse, Angels are everywhere and they are waiting to help us ease our pain and sufferings. All we need to do is ask! They need our permission before they can help us.

Here's a short clip/snippets of my reading.It's not the WHOLE session, only a snippet of it which I don't mind sharing with you.

After the session, I felt a sense of clarity and empowerment. It wasn't scary or like bad news, but more of a guidance. I take these things with an open mind.

The crystal healing she did towards the end of the session felt very relaxing and peaceful. It's like emerging from meditation.

Each session lasts 1 hour, and the energy exchange is $150.

Before I left, Elyse gave me this Citrine crystal and I carry it in my wallet now, it's supposed to increase wealth luck. :)

As well as this pendulum which I can use to channel my angels around me to answer questions I may have. Elyse will tell you how to use it if you're interested. But it does take focus and some getting used to...

There are also other sort of crystal accessories available on her website and she can also customise them for you according to your needs.


Who is Elyse-Anne?
Elyse is from a family of spiritual background. From her Grand aunt to her mother and now she is the 3rd generation who has inherited this gift. Even her 5 year old daughter is displaying gifts of healing hands.Elyse is a certified Angel Practitioner and Angel Intuitive, personally trained by Doreen Virtue Ph.d and her son, Charles Virtue. She is also an Angelic Reiki Master.

Find out more about her at :

Do you want to learn how to read Angel Cards or perform Angelic Healing?

Angel Cards Reading Workshop

In this 1 day workshop you will:

-Be guided to gently connect with the ANGELIC REALMS.

-Be able to powerfully expand your psychic abilities.

-Learn how to do a true and precise reading for yourself and others.

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Venue: Sin Ming

Energy Exchange: $250

(Sign up 1 week before start date to enjoy EARLY BRID rate: $200)

Minimum: 4 participants/ Maximum: 8 participants

Angel Healing Workshop

You will be receiving 2 very powerful Activations:

- Trust your inner hearing to receive Angelic and DIVINE messages.

- Activating a pair of HEALING HANDS.

You will be learning:

- How to see aura and Protect your own aura.

- What are Chakras and how to cleanse your Chakra.

- How to do Basic Angel Cards Reading.

- Asking specific questions and receiving answers

- Learn how to communicate with your Angels to receive Healing messages.

- Learn how to invoke the healing Angels for Self Healing and for Loved ones.

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Venue: Sin Ming

Energy Exchange: $250

(Sign up 1 week before start date to enjoy EARLY BRID rate: $200)

Sign up 2 classes together to receive a FREE deck of ANGEL CARDS

Plus, LOTS of FREE Crystals to be given to assist in your new Angelic journey.

If you have questions about the Workshop or want to book an Angel Card reading session for yourself, you can email :