WIN : Suma Lifestyle Couple Towels

I just got couple towels from Suma Lifestyle. I love them... they're super huge (90cm X 180cm / 36"x70"), plush, and luxurious.
Pink Montego for me... and the blue one for my partner (I've recently got together with someone from my past. But I am not telling you who it is).

I love Matchy coupley stuff!!!
The kind people of Suma Lifestyle want to give my readers a pair of the Montego Beach Towels (one blue and one pink) too!
All you have to do is visit their site and just leave a comment (in this post) stating - Your Favourite Product (can be anything from their range of beach and resort style accessories, not necessarily towels)... if you comment anonymously, do leave an email address so I can contact you if you win.

Contest is open to all my readers. (Suma Lifestyle will sponsor the cost of the set of towels and shipment). It ends 20th Feb 2011. :)
Singapore and Australia get Free Shipping on all beach towels now.


  1. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Hi Holly :)

    I love their viti blue and white stripe bag max! :)


  2. Anonymous3:53 pm

    My favorite product is: Viti Blue & White Beach Bag! :)

    Email: XCALISTENIA__@HOTMAIL.COM (2 underscores!)

  3. love the montego pink beach towel!!! the colour is so vivid. im tempted to get the blue one for my partner too :)

  4. CeLestTina5:39 pm

    I loveeee their Viti Blue & white beach bag & their Tao Robe!! Its really a must have : )

  5. Anonymous5:41 pm

    I have also fallen in love with their viti black and white beach bag. It's nicely designed to bring out on a lovely day to the beach!

  6. Anonymous5:49 pm

    I love the Tao Beach Towel. I've always liked my towels white and clean. The details on the edge of this towel, is simply gorgeous!

  7. Me love the Zuma Gym Towel....i can bring those to the gym...hahah..:P

  8. Anonymous7:03 pm

    My pick would be the Viti Black & White Beach Bag!

  9. I thought it's only been a couple of WEEKS since you've split up? Whoa you're very efficient in hopping to another man. (I'm almost sure he's white)

    It's hard to not call you a whore when you're changing boyfriends/
    dating men by the 'dozen' which clearly is an understatement. Maybe by the hundreds would be more appropriate? Haha. Diving right down to splitsville yet again. We'll all be staying tuned...good luck nonetheless!

  10. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Hi Holly!
    Firstly, congratulations on reconnecting with someone from the past! Its always great to just see how much the other has grown throughout this period and each other's virtues even more. Us as readers are genuinely happy for you and may you always have that cheery smile on your face!

    i'm currently studying in away from singapore, i love reading your blog to remind me of home/keep track of happenings back home. Not sure if this would render me unable to participate in this competition, but I have to say i like the Tao beach towel heaps. i love intricate embroidery and the feel of thick and plush towels out of the dryer. :)

    great blogging style!

  11. Anonymous8:56 pm

    I love the Hermosa Gym Towel. Gorgeous design!

  12. How can anyone be so rude as to call someone a whore! Some people thinks they know everything when they know nothing.

    Anyway, congrats. Hope everything goes well for you.

    Anyway i LOVEEEEE stripey stuffs! The Montego Pink beack towel is my fav!!


  13. Anonymous9:47 pm


    Montego Pink Beach Towel!

  14. Montego pink beach towel caught my eye!

  15. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Montego Blue Beach Towel

  16. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Would love the Hermosa Gym Towel. Definitely and eye catcher!

  17. I love the Viti Black & White Beach Bag! Really dig the shape, it can be used when I go out on weekends too, not necessarily only to the beach~

  18. Anonymous11:03 pm

    I love the Montego Pink Beach Towel! The vibrant colours really make it stand out. It would look great on the sunny beach :)

  19. Viti Black & White Beach Bag! It's so pretty. =)

  20. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Hi Holly,

    Thanks for the good introduction, I didn't know there are eshops offering beach products! For my favourite product, I will have to choose the Montego Beach Towels! haha I love both the blue and pink ones(dunno if its your influence), but it really does look comfy in your pic where you are lying on it. i can totally imagine myself going suntanning with it! ^_^

  21. IT MUST BE THE Montego Pink Beach Towel! I have been sharing one pathetic Sentosa towel with my boyfriend and we always end up arguing when the sand keeps getting stuck to our butts! :(

  22. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Whoo!! I love the Viti Blue and White Beach Bag!! Totally would stand out in the beach! :)

  23. The Tao Beach Towel caught my eye! Splendid simplistic design! :)

  24. definitely the tao beach towel!

  25. Anonymous11:58 pm

    A certain X misread Beach style as bitch style. Name calling is not something you should 'resort' to Ms X...

    Holly, pick me! *waves*

    Even if you don't find me witty in picking the 'Viti', I won't 'Beach bag'. Coz I have more 'tao' (de) than that!

  26. Anonymous12:26 am

    I love the Montego beach towels. I never get to use beach towels whenever I go to the beach because they cost more than the bath towels that can be bought from the night markets here. The two beach towels with pink and blue hues are just absolutely beautiful.

  27. S.A.P1:13 am

    Hi holly,

    Congratulations to you that u r back with someone again. I think finding someone suitable to u is very important.. So it's ok to change bf to find someone tat best suit u. i find nth wrong with it.. It yr life n choice to make as long as u r happie.. Therefore no one should ever make any comment abt it.. Stay happie n cheetful always..

    Happie Valentine Day to u =) Enjoy!


    Favourite Product: Viti Blue & White Beach Bag

  28. My favourite will have to be the Viti Blue & White Beach Bag. It's really cute and the colour is so summery!

  29. Anonymous3:51 am

    I love the viti blue and white beach bag! It will certainly let me stand out in the beach!!! :D

  30. Anonymous3:53 am

    OMG!! The Montego pink beach towel and viti black and white beach bag are nice... Awesome!!! Especially the pink towel...just love the colour so very the much!!! Who's doesn't!!! Anyway just from look at it I can feel the softness of the towel and not to mention again the colour... It's great!!! My favorite..... Email: (anyway this is my first time enter in ur competition despite have been reading ur blog for few year now. U are my favourite blogger and keep it up!!!

  31. Tao Beach Towel <3

    its simple and elegant

    P.S can you include gfc button/email subscription button in your blog?

  32. Aaron8:10 am

    Hi Holly, I love the Montego Blue Beach Towel as it has all my favorite colors on it.. :)

    As a resort/beach loving traveller, the Tao robe will defintiely be one of my wish list items too..

  33. Anonymous8:38 am

    Hi holly, this is my first time commenting on your post though I've been following your space for more than 2 yrs or so. (:

    If i were to choose, It would definitely be the montego beach towels cause I've been searching for large and comfy pieces which I've yet to come across.

    Anyway, glad to hear such a piece good news on v'day morning (:

    Best wishes,

  34. Michelle8:57 am

    I absolutely love the Montego Blue Beach Towel !!

    Its colourful and long. I would love to have it.


  35. Anonymous10:21 am

    Montego Pink Beach Towel

  36. Anonymous10:30 am

    And let the next car crash commence.

  37. Anonymous10:48 am

    Hi Holly,

    Congrats for you and your new bf. Happy Valentine's day to you! :)

    My favourite will be the Montego beach towels, the colours (pink & blue) are so vibrant they just lift up my mood looking at them. perfect for a bright day out at the beach/swimming pool. ^.^


  38. love the Montego Blue Beach Towel because I love stripes & I love all things blue!

  39. Montego Pink beack towel!
    Love how vibrant it is!

  40. Montego Pink Beach Towel!
    Love how vibrant the colour is!

  41. Anonymous1:04 pm

    You have a bf... again? LOL. How very fast.

  42. love the Hermosa Gym Towel best, such a unique design and well-priced :)

  43. Juelin6:26 pm

    My favourite product is the Montego Pink Beach Towel! That's why I commented and hope to win one of these set to hit the beach with my boyfriend this weekend :)

  44. Montego Pink Beach Towel!
    Been looking for a good towel for a long time and now I've found it! :)

  45. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Love the Montego Pink beach towel!

  46. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Favorite Product: Viti Black & White Beach Bag


  47. Anonymous2:01 am

    Hi Holly, good to hear you are hanging well.. and a great intro into the beach towels, they are lovely. My favourite is the Jamaican Montego Blue Beach Towel, 100% cotton with velour finish, and it's humongous, great for any type of sizes or simply great for the kids! Me gusta! Would love to get a matching set too!
    My email address is

    Meanwhile hang on there, and someone up there will reward you with what you deserve ^.^

  48. oh my! my favourite is the pink montego beach towel, it's so pretty! *fingers crossed*

  49. Anonymous9:32 pm

    my favourite is the pink montego beach towel!!! hearts it!

  50. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Love the Viti Black & White Beach Bag!

  51. Hi Holly,

    Montego Pink beach towel is my favorite among everything in the Suma lifestyle website. I love matchy couple stuff too and I also treated my bf to a resort during Valentine's day and he absolutely loved it and suggested we should do this annually. :-)

  52. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Hi Holly,

    First thing in my mind when I saw the Montego Beach Towel, is that they are perfect for picnic/beach outings.

    Congrats on finding love again =)


  53. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Hi hi..

    I love the pink Montego Beach towel.. good for beach, keeping warm and of course straight after bathing!


  54. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Montego Blue Beach Towel Totally Caught Me ! I'm super in love with BLUE STUFFS ! and the OCEAN is BLUE too.. :D Awesome bluey towel. Can use for all my beach activties ;)


  55. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Definitely the Viti Blue&White beach bag!It will go perfectly well with a white flowy maxi dress, with a frangipani in e hair and a few chunky bracelets ofcos!


  56. Montego Beach Towels Blue!!!
    I want that towel!!!

  57. Anonymous9:10 am

    definitely the Viti Blue & White Striped Beach Bag, handy and sweet, goes well with any outfit, and able to put all my beach snacks in.. and it matches the blue sea!.. pick me please!

    thank you, and am glad to see you well

  58. ok. contest closed. no more entries thanks. winner will be announced soon.


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