Unintentionally Racist

I have some funny pics to share with you at the end of this post. But first, let me talk about myself. :)
I had an awesome long Chinese New Year weekend. I spent it on the beach at Sentosa relaxing. I must have changed my nail colour like 3 times that same 4 day weekend too. That's what idle afternoons can do to me... almost the whole of Singapore was shut... what esle was there to do?!

Yesterday, I cut my nails shorter and painted french tips on them. I also brought Lola to the groomers. And the asshole didn't file her nails properly....
Yesterday evening, when Lola was on my lap at home, a courier came knocking on my door. She scrambled off to go into guard dog mode... leaving red welts on my right thigh. I was worried they would not disappear in time for my photoshoot this evening. But they did, thank goodness, hardly noticeable today... only faint scratches. The courier delivered some stuff which I will be showing you early next week. The goodies in this bag is for a Giveaway to my blog readers. Be patient... I will show you early next week. :)
I also have an awesome Valentine's weekend planned. I have not been able to celebrate V day the last two years. First, my then BF had friends visiting Singapore on Valentine's day. The following Valentine's Day, I was already single. So this year is going to be different :) Plus I have fab outfits from LuxeCiel especially for this weekend.
Tomorrow morn hair rebonding.. yayyy! Then in the evening I have a meeting to attend.
The winner of theValentine's Dinner for 2 at Oosh for my Get Her column's Game of Love contest is Howaboutno. Congrats! (I will meet him and his date for a quick hello on Sunday before they start their romantic dinner... pics and updates will be in my Get Her column)

Lola already fell asleep (while I was blogging).. so cute. I'm off to bed too now. Nite nite everyone.

Funny Pics.. the unintentionally racist. :)


  1. Hahhahaha I literally LOL-ed at the last photo. So funny!!! Haahaha

  2. Enjoy your V day!!! Haha i like the chinese in the cameras. Some "racist" jokes are funny and not racist at all, people just make too much of it.

  3. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Hehe it sounds like you're not single anymore! :P

  4. lola is so cute hugging her pillow while sleeping :)

  5. hahahahaha omg the last pic is genius!

  6. what breed is lola? :)

  7. Ya..i LOLed at the last pic too:)

    Lola is a Morkie. thts a yorkie plus maltese. i think this mix gives the best temperament while maintaining a cute size.

  8. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Talking about race and racism.. what's your ethnic background Holly? I presume eurasian...but whats your ethnic mix? Just curious :P

  9. Anonymous11:04 pm

    hey, what brand is the nail color in the first pic from? and the name of the color? thanks!

  10. Chinese. Portuguese. And a little bit of Smurf.


    It's a cheapo brand called FUSO. I like this cheapo brand cos the colours are intense. ( not see thru and watery kind)

    Colour number 62. I think i bought from Aries or SaSa.

  11. Anonymous12:34 am

    Haha the KKK one looks like an ad for a chi restaurant? Very creative!


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