Surprise Valentine's Weekend

No, the surprise wasn't for me... because I planned it!

You see, over the last few years, I never got to celebrate Valentine's Day with anyone special. When I was with Mark, our first Valentine's Day, his best friend was visiting, so we all had dinner together. The following Valentine's day, we had already broken up (like a couple weeks before it!). The year before I met Mark, I was single.

When GB and I split up in the 1st week of January this year... I thought I was going to have to start dating again... and sit through months of first dates again before I found someone that was worth a shot (and who thought I was worth a shot too, of course).

But this month, I started seeing someone from my past again. I will tell you more as time goes by. Right now, it's just very very new... I'm a romantic at heart. It makes me happy to shower someone I care for with affection and attention. Just because we've only just started dating, doesn't mean that we can't celebrate Valentine's Day.

On Saturday afternoon, I left home about 2pm... and headed down to the Fullerton Hotel where I had booked the Heritage room for the weekend. My polka dot romper is from LuxeCiel!!!
When I was checking in, I was delighted to find out that the Fullerton upgraded me to their Suite at no extra cost. I actually wanted to book a suite in the first place, but it was over my budget. (Thank you !!Much appreciated!)It was a lovely suite... so spacious... and even had a nespresso machine ... I love colourful stuff!!! (I don't drink coffee, but I had fun making many cups for my Bf over the weekend). Would make a good Christmas present for him, except that the re-fills are so damn expensive.I loved the bathroom (could do with double sinks though)... it had a big tub and a shower, and a sectioned off toilet (which is vital!! I hate those see through glass panel type bathrooms in a lot of new hotels nowadays.. no privacy!) And the bed.. oh the bed... I love hotel beds. So comfy... best part is, I don't have to make it.
I told my BF to meet me at the Fullerton at 4pm, he thinks I planned dinner there and that we would have a stroll on the quay first. Haaaa..... But surprise baby! I got us a room for the night. Before dinner, we had a drink at the club lounge. I wore my new white toga from LuxeCiel.
My new favourite drink - the Bellini (champagne and peach soda). Meanwhile, our suite is being set up for a private in-room dining. :) It's all part of my plan! So romantic! So after the drink. we head back to the room.. and surprise! We don't have to eat alongside other couples today! We'll get the 4 courses brought up to us. :) The first course - Oyster shooters (I'm a bit iffy about Blue Dyed Salt ! But the Oysters were so delicious!)
Second course- Foie Gras (I guess this one is not a surprise... since I am Holly Jean!)
Main course- Rack of Lamb, which was soooo beautifully done. I am getting hungry again just thinking of it. Dessert- Lychee Tiramisu. I made a mistake with the dessert though.. I was looking through soooo many menus from so many restaurants for this occassion (before I decided on the Fulerton)... I thought dessert was going to be Lychee Creme Brulee. Creme Brulee is my favourite dessert (and his!). And after dinner, we finally take that stroll on the quay. The area is so romantic and beautifully lit at night. After the short stroll, we return to a relaxing bubble bath.
And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, was how I susprised my new Boyfriend this Valentine's day.

Sometimes I think I should have been born a guy... I would really enjoy sweeping a woman off her feet.

I'm very impressed with The Fullerton for being so accomodating to my requests and helping me make this Valentine's weekend such a special one.

And it's nice to find someone who appreciates my efforts, and appreciates the way that I am.
Happy valentine's Day everyone. X.
P/s- do something special for your loved one. Doesn't matter whether you've been together 2 weeks or 20 years. Doesn't have to be a costly gesture, even the simple things and that slightest bit of extra effort you put in, will show your partner that they're special to you.


concerned. said…
Does GB read your blog? Do you think he will feel weird knowing you have moved on so quick?....and most likely having sex with another guy less than a month after? (You did have a bubble bath that does lead to other stuff)
Anonymous said…
Wah, so fast and you showered him with so much? You might just scare him off and yah, I agree with first anon, so fast after GB???!!!

Sorry, but I think that's why sometimes people call you names like "whore" or "slut". Seriously, what you do with your love life isn't our business but I guess if you put it up out there, people will judge and call you names. And I can see why.

I just don't know how you can move from men to men so fast. You now said it's your "bf", not even just a date cos I think it's ok to just go date soon after a break up (though waiting for a bit is still best), but to go into another relationship and call the guy bf is a bit soon don't you think?
MEH said…
Hi Holly,

To be honest, I think GB was the most intelligent out of all your BFs for not wanting his face published on your blog.
Anonymous said… can't live without guys..IF you do marry one day, i pity that your husband will nver feel like the special guy in prolly will moderate this msg, but let it be for your eyes are desperate holly...and with a fucked up esteem..the only way you can feel good bt urself is with a guy involved. have some self respect and you will see things change...
Holly Jean said…
Hi Concerned.

GB and I decided to cut all contact - blog, FB, calls, emails etcs... until we both feel that we can perhaps one day be friends.

The relationship did not end with any hatred or argument or animosity. We just didn't want the same thing in the same timeframe ( I'm talking about marriage/kids). What I plan to have within the next few years... is something he only plans to start 5 years from now.

It was a good relationship, no fights etc, but ultimately, we wanted different things out of it.

I always move on quickly after relationships, I am not the sort of girl to start stalking my ex ( on FB or in person), I won't start ringing and bug an ex to give things another shot. When we decide to split, it wasn't spur of the moment... it was carefully discussed and decided mutually.

It's been more than a month since the split. And even before the split, he was in Hungary for 3 weeks.

I was out dating a lot quicker before, after my relationship with Mark, and Skye. And those were longer relationships, and they said they loved me, and with Mark, we were even talking about getting married.

So in the grand scheme of things, I think GB is not going to fault me for dating again a month after the split.

If he hears from friends who read my blog that I am dating again. Then what can I do. I don't exist to protect him. I have to live my own life, and find my own happiness. Just as he will his.
CeLestinA said…
Very well said. Indeed you hv yr own life to be accountable for.

Im so very envy about yr bf tat u have done so much for the V day & am glad yr gesture has been appreciated. I knw u had a great time

Hope to hear more updates from you on tis relationship : )
Anonymous said…
I admire you Holly because you are a go-getter.

I am stuck in a relationship that is going no where for past 3 years. And I am 32. I wish I had your courage to just leave and start over. For me I am too scared that I will be making a mistake.
concerned. said…
Hello again holly, for the love of god, i hope you use condoms. That's pretty much all i have to say. Ciao bella.
Anonymous said…
Holly doesn't need to account to anyone why she is seeing someone "so quickly" after breaking up with GB, and it's so annoying to see people calling her names.

In any case, GB is also putting himself out there. I saw his profile on an online site right after Holly announced the split.
Kuen said…
Looks like a nice place but i really loved the bathroom at Hotel Fort Canning too! Very colonial.
Anonymous said…
Anon 12.41,

Huh? Which site is GB on? Holly hasn't exactly showed us his photo so how would you know it's him?

Or Anon 12.41 is holly? lol
Holly Jean said…
LOL yourself.

Please don't accuse me of commenting anonymously on my blog. Someone did this ages ago, and I had to dig up the IP records to show my readers tht it wasn't me who was commenting.

I would never bad mouth GB. He was a good BF. but like I've already said, we cannot be together because it we want different things in life.

I am curious though as to how anon12.41 knows this news. He/she is GB's friend perhaps? Don't think it's my friend because he/she would have jst told me this directly.... and only Farizan, Alwyn, James, and Joanne have met GB. All of whom I have spoken to since the break up.
Anonymous said…
tbh i really think readers should give you a break on your dating habits/life. i mean you are generous enough to keep us updated on your love life which you are in no way oblige to do but yet you still update us.. so i think as readers we should be happy with what you update us with and accept you for who you are..
Anonymous said…
yeah i agree with anon 3.41, GIVE HOLLY A BREAK PEOPLE!!!!

It's her life..not ours..we should judge no more!! Hate judgmental people...everyone is different and everything is possible.. life is like that.. it's unexpected when u least expect it..

nadnut said…
so sweet! very romantic vday!
Jay said…
2nd anon - "Sorry, but I think that's why sometimes people call you names like "whore" or "slut". Seriously, what you do with your love life isn't our business but I guess if you put it up out there, people will judge and call you names. And I can see why."

Sigh I do agree with his/her take on things. This really isn't about judging but is more of a neutral observation (which is the vibe I get from the tone of the comment, more matter-of-fact rather than malicious or snide), which I find that as readers with opinions, we can share.
Sherin said…
Holly, I think you are a very very good gf for being so romantic. I wish you nothing but the best. Happy Valentines!
Sharyn said…
Holly, I agree with anon 10.45 in his/her last para. Dating others soon after a break-up is fine, but diving into another serious relationship so quickly is a different thing altogether (I gathered its already gone serious since the word "bf" was mentioned).

Have u discussed with your bf about your thoughts and goals about the future? Since u said u broke up with GB because of wanting things over different timeframes, I presume that this was not discussed BEFORE beginning a serious relationship with him?

As a reader I don't know the full story nor do I have any business to meddle in your life... but it seems like u should take things a tad slower.

With the amount of effort and commitment u put into a r/s (which is very commendable!!), I'm sure u wouldn't want to be subject to heartbreak yet again.

Just my honest 2cents. I don't mean to put you down or anything... As your long-time reader, I wish nothing but the best for you:)
Anonymous said…
man crazy..

seems like u have zero emotions. all u have is a damn itchy pussy. sorry to be this crude but we all know it's true.

u don't seem to feel any sadness at all breaking up with all your bfs. it's like nothing to u to break up w someone and find someone else in a blink of an eye.

it's really no wonder why u're so suited to write sex columns - you're all about sex. with white men esp.

nothing seems to satisfy u more than to bed a white man and when he tires of u, u plop urself on another one's bed.

don't u feel cheap and dirty, holly?
Holly Jean said…
everyone is different. for me, taking 1month to get over a 5 month relationship (3wks of which he was not in same ctry as i )... is considered slow already.

maybe if i read the stories of ur life... i'd scream - take tht stick out of your ass, and get over it already!

everyone copes differently. there is no right or wrong... only what's right for me ... n only i know what tht is, not u. thanks.

p/s who said he was white anyway. all i said was he was frm my past
Anonymous said…
So you mean he's not white? Nooooo!!! Really? I'm pretty sure he's white!
Anonymous said…
who is the lucky guy holly? I'm guessing its Mark?
You're so sweet!
Anonymous said…
Nice post to get back at GB. I bet you're trying to make GB jealous that if he didnt dump you a month earlier, he would experience your valentine's treat.
Anonymous said…
Holly, how come you can TAHAN those comments?! Some are really nasty!!! GOSH!
Holly Jean said…
@anon2.59 - Please grow up a little. It's absurd to think GB will be hard up for a treat at the Fullerton. If he want's he can afford any suite in that hotel.. no need for me to give. So there's no need for him to feel sore tht I had my Vday weekend there. Never even crossed my mind.

And he didn't dump me. We split up because I didn't want to wait 3-5 years to get married etc. It's too big a risk/gamble for me. We both need to find partners with more similar time frames in mind.
Anonymous said…
Seriously, GB would be willing to give up that opportunity for further advancement in his career if he really LOVES you. It's not that he is not earning enough is he? You are just not in his priority list at all, which is worst than him dumping you. Accept it.
Anonymous said…
Hi holly, I agree with anon 3.22 - how do you deal with all these comments? how do these people sleep at night? so mean and so uncalled for. Don't read her blog if they way she lives your life bothers you so much..?
Ingenue said…
Hi Holly

I think u are really either very thick-skinned, or brave, to put up with the nasty comments. Whatever it is, I wish u all the best!
Anonymous said…
if all these people had to reveal their real identities before commenting, this whole comment page will read entirely differently.but i guess we know what people are REALLY thinking, versus the mask everyone puts on in real life.
gwen said…
We have no right to judge others because in the first place, what makes us superior over others?

People, it's Holly's life. Our words are not gonna change her life, nor make our life any better.
Holly Jean said…
sometimes i wonder who i have scorned so badly tht they insistently hurl abusive comments at me ... like if i talk abt happy moments, they take me down (insert image of burly NFL linebacker here).

if i share sad news... they're the first ones with the fist full of salt.

but its not tht i m thick skinned... i am just honest this way. And as for all the hate comments... ppl ask me all the time - "dont u get affected by all the criticism?"

my response has always been the same - "not when it's made by people who don't matter."

... and to top tht off... anonymous somemore!
Anonymous said…
Hi Holly, I really wonder how you put up with such comments! It seems like these no life people come here to get angry reading your blog. If it makes them angry why are they even here -.-

I'm happy you are happy Holly! All the best. We all deserve to find our happiness :)

Keep us posted ya?

F said…
Ok hols.... So who do u want me to shoot?? :p
Smile and hold ur head up high girl. In ur pursuit of happiness, only u and the people whom u care about and care for u, matter. The rest are simply passing thru.. Let them say what they want. Do things for yourself:) F.
Anonymous said…
I think before we decide to judge a person,we must always first try to put ourselves in the person shoes and be more open-minded to different perspective?How can you comment on others when we are so shallow ourselves?Do you think holly should feel remorseful for what she has done to attain her happiness?
Anonymous said…
Holly, sitting on a neutral ground, do you think there's no truth to those 'hateful' comments above? Do think about it. There's only one stab at youth and you do not want your future bfs to read your blog and follow the footsteps of your previous boyfriends. Sure, you may always find someone who loves you as you are and not be clouded by others opinions...but as I mentioned, you have only got one stab at can't waste more time...cheers
Anonymous said…
Seriously who are we to comment? If anybody cannot take it that Holly jumped ship so soon, don't read her post. Some people should really mind their own business honestly...

If she wanna have 10 bfs at a time, sleep with 10 men in a day or stay celibate for the rest of her life, its her LIFE.. stay out of it everyone.. For those who have nothing nice to say, should just shut the **** up...

Jess said…
The fun part about this whole thing is making all these bitchy comments and having the veil of anonymity to hide you.

It's quite interesting how judgemental people are. On the outside Sporeans seem so passive and sweet.

I hoep you able to laugh the comments off, but you should also ask yourself if maybe there is some truth in them - in the sense that maybe you should have more time.

I know you think you don't, but why not try that since everything else isn't working? (if this one also doesn't work out)

But I do hope it works out with this one.

Exes.. hmm. I always think that the relationship didn't work out for a reason in the past. Unless things have changed drastically, why would it work now?
Anonymous said…
So what if she wants to get into another relationship? Leave her alone, it's her life. She's already 30 and she's got her mind set on marriage and children, and if a guy doesn't want that, then onto the next.
Plus don't you know once you hit 30, you've got about 12% of your eggs left? Better get on the marriage/baby train soon!
Anonymous said…
Hi, can I ask which suite is this? Im intending to book Heritage Room / Collyer Suite.
Holly Jean said…
ahh so long ago I cant remember.

It'll be the one which the price of the suite is approx 700+ a night.

Now in retrospect.. 1 and a half years on... I really wasted good money on that HK bf. Stingy ass never bought me anything or took me anywhere somemore.