Went to my last ettusais dinner with the girls this week. It's been a wonderful 2 years as an ettusais ambassador. I'll still be reviewing make up stuff this year, and share with you my favourite products.
I wore my Black Toga Jumpsuit from Oh Summer. (Also available in khaki)

10%Discount code: hollyjean

Key in during checkout if using creditcard or paypalIf ordering via email, just mention 'hollyjean' Promo period 18 feb - 31 mar
We at at Food For Thought on Queen's Street. Sherry had us play this Jappy game with lines... and it got so confusing.. ( and never ending.. everyone got really hungry haha)..Really Good Steak.Christine's little profiterole. Ettusais Loot!
I got their pink polka dot cabin case now. yay!
Show u pics of my cousin's birthday celebration soon ( if she lets me post them on my blog that is). She's visiting for 10 days, and so we've been shopping loads. (got $10 espadrilles from Far east, and new $35 heels for tomorrow's Casino night event too!) :)


  1. How was the food? Any good? What would you recommend?

  2. serene11:09 pm

    how to get the cabin case? thanks. :)

  3. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Could you help me ask them when will they look for new ambassadors?

  4. --- desserts there poor quality. but the steak(at medium) is excellent. $25. yum!

    --- cabin case was their gift with purchse... dont think its current gwp. but so far, each yr they hv cabin cases. so stay tuned.

    ----- think there wont b an official one this yr. but if u like, i will ask thm if they need girls to.test out new prodts n review them. do u blog?

  5. Natalie3:23 pm

    Hi HJ,

    Could you please do a review on C strings? It caught my eye. Looks sexy for a special occasion but I wonder if it's comfortable.

  6. Natalie.... I hate C strings.. I think they're very unattractive.

    even crotchless underwear looks better than a c-string in my opinion.

    Stick to a nice sexy lacy g-string for special occasions is my advice. Leave the c-string to those who like the idea of having underwear look like a giant pantyliner.


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