Please!!! Listen.

I need to clarify... I am not dating some " new expat" right now.

Somehow, an alarming proportion of people didn't realise that the Sex-Pat post below was written a year ago... like after I split up with Mark, and was single and dating.

So please stop sending me emails asking WHO this new guy is. I know many of you are genuinely concerned (and thank you for being so concerned)... but please stop advising me to not date a new expat... etc.... because I am not dating anyone NEW.

So please. No more ok.
Oh! It's the Valentine's Day weekend coming up! Later today, I will announce on the portal- the winner for the dinner for 2 at Oosh (Dempsey).

No blog post for today... I'm off with Lola to the groomers, then meet my friend Farizan and her baby. Then on Wednesday, I have a new shoot for a new label.

(not my own label. I haven't started my own label yet... no time, so much blog and life planning to do at the start of the year.. so will prob consider it once things settle down a bit in a few months)

Thursday I am rebonding my hair. Then that evening I have a new sponsor meeting. I'll reveal details and do a photolog of the next few days real soon.

Until then, you can get your fix by clicking here to subscribe to my channel and watch my videos. :)


Just to be 100% sure I got my message across this time, I will end this post by saying - I am not dating a new expat now... the sex-pat post below was written (in its entirety) ONE year ago.


  1. Anonymous11:53 am

    It doesn't matter if people mis-read that introductory disclaimer.

    Their underlying point is right... that your dating habits make a heroin addict look level headed.

    Everyone knows you're not gonna take time to reflect on what keeps going wrong. You'll be straight out there, working the singles circuit.

    I agree with non-sexpat expat.. the problem lies with you, not with the market you're after. You don't bring enough to the table to keep these guys interested. And once they take a long hard look at your blog history, they disappear over the horizon just as fast as they came.

  2. Michelle5:07 pm

    Its amazing how your readers (some) choose to skip that sentence alltogether.

    I think Holly is entitled to choose who she wants to date expat or not whether it be now, two weeks later or two months later. Non of us have any rights to decide for her.

    I think some of you need to lighten up and not be such a tight arse about it. Maybe reflect on your own life and not comment so much on others.

    By the way holly, enjoy reading your blog!

  3. Anonymous9:52 pm


    1) we are here to read a blog, not to tell the owner of the blog how to lead her own life when she didn't ask for advice,

    and 2) even if you have any judgments, pls, nobody needs them. -________-


  4. :) sorry about that sexpat thing...i have read the first part but it slipped my mind when i was commenting on your post :)

    Goodluck with all your activities! And post pics on your newly rebonded hair...i will have mine later this year :)

  5. Anonymous1:03 am

    First anon, seriously, why should you care about what she have to offer to the table? It is seriously none of your fucking business. And so what if she wants to date around? She wants to get married and start a family, what's wrong with that? So get off your moral high horse and stop sprouting nonsense. Just because you ain't getting laid, doesn't mean the rest of the population should stay virgins


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