I Heart Jeanine Gabrielle Customised Accessories!

I have a wonderfully talented friend, Jeanine whom I met through my ClubCouture ambassadorship last year.

She designs and creates her own accessories and they are for sale at JeanineGabrielle.com . And I'm not talking about stringing a few beads together sort of designing... But she does really funky artsy one of a kind pieces.
Most of the designs, for instance, these bottle cap rings, are hand painted by her.
And of course, she has a ginormous range of charms too to make your special charm bracelets and necklaces.If you don't find anything perfect for you at her website, you can get her to customise it.
She can do needle felting, create your perfect charm, use all sorts of materials to create your perfect piece of jewellery.
If you can imagine it, she can create it.
I've always wanted an anklet with the evil eye charm. The evil eye is supposed to protect one from ill wishes. I wanted it tiny so I sould have it on a simple anklet, so Jeanine created the actual charm for me, just the right size I wanted. Plus we added two doves into the design... because I always believe that I'm happiest when I can share life with someone special.
I lovesssss it!! Look!!! :)
Check out JeanineGabrielle.com, join her mailing list, LIKE her FB page, or just email her at jeanine@jeaninegabrielle.com if you have any questions about designs/prices/etc.


  1. Oh they look very cute! I wonder if they ship to Australia...I should send her an email yeah:)

  2. Anonymous10:49 am

    uniquely creative designs by jeanine =)

    cute anklets u have Holly ^^


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