Cheng Ho !

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Had a great weekend... here are some quick snippets... Loved my outfits this weekend... the Jackie PolkaDot Work Dress from ClubCouture.Looooove my Black Romper from Luxeciel's collection 10 launching at 11am today (21st Feb). The red belt I wore with both outfits is from SundayNine. The red bag is one of my favs from ClubCouture.
Had Peranakan food at True Blue on Armenian Street. Overpriced in my humble opinion, the duck (itik sio) sucked big time. Everything else was ok (fish curry was good). Note to self- must learn recipes to Pernakan dishes from mom soon. I had a sinful breakfast at Culina (Dempsey)... Pan seared Foie Gras.. at like 10 in the morning! :)
Had a neighbourhood steal... this candy stripe bag was only 5bucks. Went to the Marina South Pier, and took a short evening dinner cruise on the Cheng Ho (old chinese Junk). Was nice and relaxing... hardly anyone on board, only 25 of us (the actual capacity is 200!). It's even lovelier after the sun sets.
Tomorrow, my cousin arrives from Perth and will be staying with me for 10 days. Yay! Fun!
Coming right up (in a few hours), I'll post my review of a new vibrator... it's a beauty. Stay tuned folks. :)


  1. Anonymous1:01 am

    hey holly! how much was the cruise and dinner? :)

    i love the romper and striped bag btw! where'd you get the bag from!

  2. $55 per head for cruise (2.5hr) and buffet. u got to google for their website. they sail from Marina bay South pier, and it's a chinese junk called Cheng Ho. need to call them and prebook, can't just turn up.

    Yeah .. romper also comes in Blue. Luxciel launches it at 11am today.

    The stripe bag was from some neighbourhood shop in WHampoa. (wasn't even a bag shop... I was buying cheap slippers there when I saw the bag)

  3. Anonymous9:36 am

    Hi Holly,
    i like your Jackie PolkaDot Work Dress! =D may i ask whether it is made of thick cotton? and what size you're wearing?

  4. not a heavy cotton. fully lined. sz small.


  5. Hi Holly

    do you know of any websites where they post modelling jobs regularly, and is open to anyone?

  6. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Hi Holly, how was the food on the Cheng Ho? In your opinion, do u think it was worth the $$? :D

  7. sorry don't know modelling sites. u can try googling for semi pro/hobby photographers on sg (lot of them hv photoblogs).. ask them if they wanna do test shots with u. build ur portfolio.

    otherwise.. go down to a mod agency.. n freelance with.them.. they will send u for casting/auditions.

    food was ok. buffet. worth the $55 considerin it includes cruise. but if u just want very good meal n not bothered abt cruise... then go to a proper restaurant.. not cheng ho. :)

  8. Congratulations to Stacia for winning the pair of Suma Beach Towels! Have fun on the beach with them!

    -Suma Lifestyle

  9. observer12:28 pm

    You seem to have all the fine dining when you're with a bf huh?

  10. the Cheng Ho I wld not consider fine dining. haha... it's a chinese buffet.

    As for foie gras, I have it regardless of BF or not. haha. I once went to eat it alone (and even blogged abt it!) but tht was a sad day... no fun dining alone... fine or otherwise.


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