What I Want To Do This Year

I haven't been in the habit of creating new year's resolutions... (in the long past.... it always used to be "get fit & lose weight"... but each year, it never really made a difference to my lifestyle anyway)...

This year, I've decided... on certain things I really want to do with my life (some of these I've only partially half-fucked over the last few years...)...

1. Plan my ideal life and work towards that plan

2. Take my driving test ( I didn't say I have to pass it. Just taking it will be a good enough step for now)

3. Do something for a charitable cause (will u help me with this one?)

4. Start my clothing label ( yes, I should be smacked... for procrastinating)

5. (oh.. what the heck...) Get Fit & Lose Weight!

P/s- kidding on the last one.. so don't need to bash me for it.


  1. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Just curious, what happen to your other dog, the pug?

  2. I gave it to a friend and her husband.

  3. Anonymous4:46 pm

    What happened to your bunny rabbit?

  4. For the charity part u can help out e many furry friends who have been abandoned...there are juz waaay too many heartbreaking cases...:(

  5. For the charitable cause, you could help out with the furry friends who have been abandoned - waaay too many heartbreaking cases out there..:(

  6. @anon4.46- i gave the rabbit back to the breeder. (his name is uncle bunny, in case anyone is looking to buy bunnies)

    @ Jen- i agree. I am thinkin abt how i can help out. with the use of my blog reach as well.. like what kind of charity drive i can hold.

    I actually already have a charity in mind. but I probably could add another in the course of the year.

    jst need to think abt what exactly i cld do.

  7. Anonymous9:04 am

    If you want you could always donate clothing that has gone out of fashion to Blessings in a Bag (http://blessingsinabag.org/get-involved/#anchor6).. Or you could always sponsor a child/animal if you want. Just some options you could consider.

  8. Anonymous12:17 am

    Take a walk at SPCA


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