Game Of Love

:) Check out my Get Her column. From 17th Jan to 7th Feb, help me answer any of the four love problems. The best advice will get Valentine's four course Dinner for two ($196) at Oosh restaurant at Dempsey.
Have you been to Oosh yet? It's enchanting! I love Dempsey hill. Perfect setting for Valentine's!
You can view OOSH's website (click here).

To see the special 4 course Menu for Valentine's Day which you could win (click here).
OK, click here to take part. Contest is open to anyone in Singapore (PR included)... you will need to sign up for a Lifestyle account in order to comment in my Get Her Column, but that's free and only takes a minute.
:) Have fun and good luck !!


thy said…
there seem to be a problem ):
i tried posting my comments and an error of "Blogs Custom is temporarily unavailable. " greets me instead. ):
Holly Jean said…
hang on girl, I'll check with the portal ppl and get back to u asap
thy said…
alright! :)
thy said…
problem's not solved yet? ):
Holly Jean said…
am still waiting for the IT peeps to get back to me :(

but i thot i saw ur advice in the commments section??? (was tht u ?)

if it wasn't.. no worries.. still got plenty of time to submit ur advice. will get back to u as soon as I get a response from them

I hope it's a temporary glitch.
thy said…
yeap, i only managed to get problem 1's post up. wanted to post my 2nd one and keep getting that blog custom unavailable glitch ): anw, yeah thrs still time, so no hurries! i've got everything saved up, so copy and paste and im done :)

thanks anyway, holly! <3
Anonymous said…
Hello Holly, i got the same problem too ):
NS Editor said…
Hi all,

We are checking with our IT personnel and will get the problem resolved as soon as possible.

Once done, we will get Holly to update you all.

Many thanks for your support!

NS Editor
Holly Jean said…
Sorry everyone...
for those who experienced the error when trying to comment at my Get her column, can you email me -- the date and time which you tried to comment but got the error message.

For those who managed to get their entries in already.. good luck!! :D
thy said…
emailed you. i tried at 2.38pm ! error still there..