Awkward Moments

I (think I) am a self conscious person. I feel embarrassed when I do something stupid in public. As I get older, I am able to laugh most things off (even stupidity)... so awkward moments at worst, just make my cheeks get hot and red for a while.

I remember as a child, (back in the day where Colouring Homework was the highlight of my life!)... I once called my school teacher, aloud in class, "Mummy". The woman did not look or remind me of my mother at all. But for some warped moment, I don't know what happened. The phrase "mummy" just rolled off my tongue, instead of "teacher". For a seven year old girl in a classroom of 39 other 7 year olds... this is mortifyingly embarrassing.

I often call people by their wrong names nowadays.. and then scramble to remember their actual names... which is much more difficult when hit by panic. One thing I haven't done (audibly) is call my BF by an ex BF's name. Phew!

Just a few months ago, when I first met GB's dad who came to pick us up at the airport, we went for the cheek peck, but we both went in the same direction (I think my fault), and ended up on the lips. OH MY GOD he must think I am an IDIOT... and THERE'S my ONE MONTH NEW BF looking at me and either THINKING THE SAME or just politely LAUGHING on the inside.
Haha. GB never mentioned this. And I kinda forgot it.. until tonight when I started writing this post.

As an adult, perhaps the most embarrassing ORDEAL was when I tore the back of my dress, and tried to hide it from my date! GRRR! I can be so stupid when I get backed into a corner and panic.

I was leaving my house for a theatre (not cinema) date. I was wearing a halterneck dress, which had a coloured panel sewn all around the botom.... like a colour block dress.
As I was leaving my house, my dog (not Lola. This happened years ago) jumped and bit my dress, trying to drag me away from the door. I heard a rip sound. I was thinking.... shittt.. I'm already lateeeee!! So instead of taking the dress off, I just looked at the seams (on the side), and since it wasn't torn, I left the house.

HOURS later, after pre theatre cocktails, and after the show itself... when I stood up to exit the theatre, I brushed my hand down the back of my dress, thinking it might be crumpled from sitting down. And my hand slid into the hole in the back on my dress, and felt the actual flesh on my ass.

I didn't tell my date. In retrospect, I should have. It would have been a laugh, and a lot less embarrassing than trying to hide this Gaping mofo hole exposing my bum, as I exited the theatre with him behind me.

Once we got out into brightness (instead of the dark theatre), he asked if I wanted to go for drinks. I quikly declined, jumped into a taxi and went home. I don't think he noticed? Or maybe he did but felt awkward to tell me my ass was peeping through my dress.

I'm sure I don't live in a world where I'm the only idiot and no one else is. Please share with me your awkward or embarrasing moments... we can all share some laughs. :)


  1. I was in brisbane then and went to gold coast for holiday but we didn't wanna spend so much money on lodging since we're out most of the time and we just paid for one of those cheap backpackers inn. I was in the shower and i didn't realize the window above me was broken and i was in full view of the building opposite and i saw 1 girl looking across and then calling her friend to see lol. I quickly moved to one corner and finished up my shower :P

  2. I wore a new dress to work and was happily walking around office in the morning more often than usual just so that people could see my new dress.

    Late morning, I attended a meeting and in the middle of it my boss asked me to retrieve something from my office. When I got out of the meeting room, the cleaning lady pulled me aside to tell me that I had a tear in my dress right at my butt and when I reached down to check, true enough, there was a HUGE hole! I was so embarrassed! I half crabwalked back to my office cos I was afraid someone else would see and quickly pulled on my oversize sports jacket which just covered the hole.

    When I went back to the meeting room, the guys gave me a weird look. I think they saw the tear too and I could just die right there!

    And when I texted my best friend to tell her about it, the only thing she could say (or ask) was, "Were you wearing hot undies?" And yes, thank God I was wearing my hot purple undies! And well, I never bought another piece of clothing from that store again!

  3. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Hey Holly!

    I've always been curious about how you and GB met. Do you mind sharing?

  4. Anonymous12:23 am

    how about emerging from the crew bunk, hazy from my nap, without realizing that i'd forgotten to zip up my sarong kebaya top (which i'd unzipped for ease of breathing while sleeping) ? and then realizing what those chuckles from the 3 male passengers loitering outside the loo meant, when i entered and saw myself in the mirror!

  5. Anonymous7:05 pm

    today my date was trying to wipe away this "dirt" from my chin, then he realised it was my mole.


  6. I once was at a poolside BBQ with my poly mates.

    Some of my friends started to jump in the pool so I wanted to join them.

    I was using my swimming trunks (more like shorts) under my jeans. So I pulled my jeans down. But my inside swimming shorts slipped down with it.

    Exposed my kuku bird to some of my class girls that day. Very embarrassing.


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