Let's Play 20 Items (Plus Many Updates)

Hope you enjoyed getting to know and watching my 20 Questions Video.
In my next one, I'll show you 20 of my favourite items... but you get to choose what stuff you want to see. For instance... would you like to see my favourite pair of socks? Favourite Lipstick? Favourite shoes? Favourite bag? Favourite hair product? Favourite toe? A picture of my first BF perhaps? Doesn't even have to be a favourite (just any possession of mine you want to see).. lol... I don't really know the rules because I'm making this game up! :)

I'll show you the first 20 suggestions (as long as they're reasonably showable.... like.. I can't show you my erm.. favourite kidney or anything like that.) Also... don't ask to see any scars/stitches etc, cos I have none... I think my mom swaddled me in bubble wrap growing up.

*please try to restrict yourself to one suggestion only... so other people get a chance to suggest too.... I can only do about 20 favourites only (maybe I might do more... just keep the suggestions coming.. until I say stop!)

Thanks :)

Some Updates for you:
Remember the Dream Jobs contest I blogged about last month ? These are the lucky winners of the $388 prize of their choice. :) The result was out on the jobsdb page a while ago... but I forgot to update u !!!
Tony Tan, Sally Tan, Cheong Ai Lian, Fara Zean Bte Suati, Marilyn Huang, Werner Chai, Koh Xian Hui , Sharon Poi , Caroline Chua , Chern Soo Win.


Oh.. I think some of you may have already noticed.. but a week plus ago.. I got sick of trying to grow out my fringe. It never fell across nicely in a side swept way. So I too a small pair of scissors and chopped it straight across. I'm just most comfortable with my straight across bangs... force of habit I guess. :)
The candy cane tank dress I am wearing in the pic is from theblogshop.sg


Quick Shout Out for ChannelNewsAsia.

Like their FB page and check out the Behind the scenes clips and bloopers. haaaaaaa


I won't be writing the Love & Sex column for MyFatPocket next year. I have a couple more articles scheduled to be up on their site in January, so do check them out. It's been a great year plus with them, and I'm pleased with my archive of Sex and Love articles I've built up there.

I'm looking to start something new... (yes yes.. I will get started on my clothes label too... Just had no time this month... was sooo busy).

Stay tuned to find out what's brewing!

Btw, I've fixed the FB link and it now appears below each post on my blog. So anytime you would like to share the content with your friends on Facebook, you just have to click the "like" button below each post.


(ok.. don't forget to leave your comments about what you would Like to see... in my 20 Fav Items Video!... and please subscribe to my youtubechannel!)


  1. S.A.P9:02 am

    I would like to see your favourite piece of hair accessory =)

  2. Anonymous9:23 am

    whats your favourite scent/perfume?

  3. Anonymous9:23 am

    Favourite food?

  4. Anonymous10:23 am

    Hi Holly, which is your favourite body part? n your favourite boots?


  5. Your favorite photo of yourself and GB (dont blur out his face!)

    btw HJ too bad abt your fringe cuz i honestly thought that you looked much better with the side swept fringe. my own fringe is just like yours and doesnt stay side swept, so what i do is i use hair spray to make it stay. doesnt smell nice and kills the ozone but still better than bangs.

  6. Anonymous10:49 am

    What do u wear to sleep at GB's house?

  7. Anonymous11:53 am

    err... your personal collection of vibrator/dildo?? hahaha...if you have that is. *cheeky grin*


  8. Anonymous12:19 pm

    What is your favourite "toy" when you are alone, if you do have one and if you get what I mean?

  9. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Your favourite side of your face.

  10. Got it from my mama4:07 pm

    Your favourite underwear to have sex in.

    P.S. Many people will thank me for asking this.

  11. Anonymous4:20 pm

    favorite foundation or sunscreen! :)


  12. Your favourite sex position and how you exercise for it!

  13. Anonymous5:04 pm

    fave underpants that will make your bum-bum most flattering...and please wear'em to show'em...

  14. Your favourite childhood photo please!

  15. Anonymous6:17 pm

    What's your favourite part of teaching in a school that you miss?

  16. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Picture of your first boyfriend

  17. calista6:53 pm

    your IC photo~

  18. Anonymous7:01 pm

    favourite place to be kissed.

  19. Anonymous7:17 pm

    favourite bag!

  20. Anonymous7:32 pm

    favourite celebrity!

  21. favourite feature of yourself? ;)
    [e.g: eyes]

  22. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Favourite foreplay?

  23. Anonymous8:00 pm

    Favourite Part of GB's body?

  24. Ewww... too many suss readers around here *shudders*

    Favourite before bed skincare routine? Or favourite exercise routine?

  25. Anonymous11:30 pm

    your favourite blogger?

    favourite skincare product? :)

  26. Anonymous9:14 pm

    ditto the your skincare routine suggestion!

  27. Anonymous10:27 pm

    what about your facial expression when you...climax??

  28. Anonymous10:56 am

    Favorite gift from an ex

  29. Anonymous11:36 am

    What's your favourite dress...

  30. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Who is your fav ex and why?

  31. OK... Here's the final list of items I can show u in my next video.

    1. favourite piece of hair accessory

    2. favourite scent/perfume

    3. Favourite food?

    4. favourite body part?

    5. Your favorite photo of yourself and GB (dont blur out his face!)

    6. What do u wear to sleep at GB's house?

    7. vibrator

    8. favourite side of your face/ favourite feature of yourself?

    9. favourite childhood photo

    10. favourite part of teaching in a school that you miss?

    11. Picture of your first boyfriend

    12. IC photo

    13. favourite place to be kissed.

    14. fvourite bag

    15. favourite celebrity

    16. Favourite Part of GB's body?

    17. before bed skincare routine?

    18. facial expression when you...climax??

    19. Favorite gift from an ex

    20. favourite dress

    21. Who is your fav ex and why?


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