21 Items Video

Happy New Year! :)

Ok.. Here's the compiled list of 21 Items you suggested I should show my readers.

1. favourite piece of hair accessory
2. favourite scent/perfume
3. Favourite food?
4. favourite body part?
5. Your favorite photo of yourself and GB (dont blur out his face!)
6. What do u wear to sleep at GB's house?
7. vibrator
8. favourite side of your face/ favourite feature of yourself?
9. favourite childhood photo
10. favourite part of teaching in a school that you miss?
11. Picture of your first boyfriend
12. IC photo
13. favourite place to be kissed.
14. favourite bag
15. favourite celebrity
16. Favourite Part of GB's body?
17. before bed skincare routine?
18. facial expression when you...climax??
19. Favorite gift from an ex
20. favourite dress
21. Who is your fav ex and why?

Dress I am wearing in this video is from SoHauteSoChic (SHSC), it has 2 ranges...SH is more party wear, and at the same time carries high street labels such as BEBE and Lipsy. All these labels are original pieces and not inspired. On the other hand, SC caters more for casual wear.
--------------------This is my last shoot for 2010. The newest collection from TheStyleHunter. They have a good range of multi-wear dresses... and I especially like the Lilac one too!


Anonymous said…
Thumbs up on e way u answered that cheeky qn! U rock girl! :D
Anonymous said…
LOVE your answer for question 18, like seriously love it.
Anonymous said…
Hey Holly!

Could you please review your bedtime skincare products. I have dry and sensitive skin. A little bit of oil on my face would cause a breakout. But I would like to have moisturized, hydrated skin as well.

Thank you!!
Anonymous said…
hahahahha nice video!
btw, where'd you get the lipstick vibrator from?
so cute and easy to disguise as sth else :P
Holly Jean said…
thanks.. glad u enjoyed it.

Will review new skin care stuff soon.. am just trying it out now.

The "lipstick vibrator" u can try googling for it or check out sg's ebay. not sure if they're sold in the sex shops here.

I bought another one in a shop in SG. much more expensive. But the sucky thing is the batteries. DONT buy those which use those flat disc batteries. The batteries dont last long and are expensive. it cost me much more in batteries than the price of the vibrator itself in the end!!!

this lipstick one uses AA batteries. easy.
Anonymous said…
How come you wear your dresses once? Do you keep the dresses that you advertise on your blog?

Nice peach dress u got there.
Holly Jean said…
i have clothes sponsors, so I have new outfits for events/outings, and then every week there's new stuff sent to me by various other shops too.

i wear the ones i like.. BUT new ones keep coming in... so I don't have the opportunity to wear them more than once.
J said…
I think you are very lucky to have an endless supply of new clothes for free... i think it's a waste to only wear nice dresses once, why don't u consider selling them off cheap?

What happens to the clothes that u are sent that you don't like... are you still obliged to wear them once and mention that you like the clothes on the blog, when u really don't?

i don't mean any offense just very curious.
Anonymous said…
Hi HJ,

Luurrrve your responses in the video,gal! It's definitely done with...attitude!

And the tips given on the vibrator, definitely helpful.

Hmm...Personally, it's quite an insight for me about women of today.

The fact that its a norm (er..is it?) for ladies to own/purchase sex toys for themselves nowadays speaks a lot. Surely they are confident of their sexuality and are not shy to take matters into their own hands (yes with pun intended). Not that I've not been aware. I am. It's just another one of those "Ah, so it really is..." moment for me.

Hail to the Trusty Vibrators!

(1 of those guys who's NOT intimidated by competition from vibrators. HAHA)
Holly Jean said…
@J- yeah maybe will hold one big sale some day.. problem is... I do like the dresses.. and it's very "heart pain" to let go of stuff I like.

I send back stuff tht I know I am not goin to wear cos it's not my style.

I wouldn't wear something I didn't like... as it is, I don't have enough time to wear the stuff i DO like !! :)

@Kelvin- haha.. yep. guys shld be like u... vibs aren't competition to a real man anyway. It does get very mecanical and predictable after a while too.
Anonymous said…
hi HJ, loving your bag! sorry couldnt catch where u got it from, could u provide more details please? thanks :)
Holly Jean said…
Red bag was frm clubcouture.cc
rich bag was frm millywalker.blogspot.com and i was actually gonna feature it and give readers the url in a couple of days :)
Anonymous said…
hello Holly, may I know where you bought Egyptian Magic from? Am interested in trying it out.
Holly Jean said…
there's a spa from taka tht sells it for like 85 bucks.

but if u dont mind waiting, u can order from gmarket.It's abt 50 bucks. Try to search for the sample packs (its very small yet costs like 8 bucks if i remember correctly).. but better than spending 50 then realise its not good for u.

I will do a review soon.
Anonymous said…
hey holly, thanks for sharing the shopping site. sadly i cant seem to find the red bag anywhere on clubcouture anymore :(