Things Girls Should Know About Men

I'm tickled by my long time friend, Saiful's response ( in the comments section) to my blog post - Things Men Should Know About Women.

So for those who didn't read the comments section, I've extracted his response, and put it into a post here. Enjoy.

10 things girls should know about men:

(P/S - I recommend you opening the original post in a new window, so u can read these new points within context)

1. Yes, we understand sometimes you need to ventilate. But sometimes it's just plain boring to sit and listen and not contribute more than the occasional "oh no, that's awful. I'm so sorry you had to go through that" or "oh my god, she IS a bitch." So if you really must ventilate, time it well. Like when we're sleeping.

2. If doing something we wouldn't want you to catch us doing is cheating, then we're all cheaters a gazillion times over. Seriously, there are just so many things we do that you wouldn't want to know about. That's why God did not give women mind-reading powers. Oh look at that, I just popped open a can of hot, sexy worms.

3. We appreciate the direct route. So if you want to find out if we think the waitress is hotter than you, ask us. That way we can lie better.

4. We don't like hairy backs either.

5. We have nothing smart to say about this because we love this as much as you do. Well, some of us anyway.

6. So don't ask. Because we don't want to tell you that we were just watching porn this morning while on the way to work. Yes, even me, the bf/husband who crosses my heart, swears to God and tells you with complete sincerity that I don't watch porn. Yet I know who Maria Ozawa is. (Oh shit, I think I just cheated.)

7. We find you sexy when you're not doing 1,3 and 6.

8. We are happy you say that but our obsession with size is not for you, it's for us.

9. We love taking care of girls we love. So if we do it without you asking us, it says something. If we don't do it without you asking us, it says that other thing.

10. There's nothing more we love than being at the receiving end of hissyfits and nagging. Because it gives us an excuse to fantasise about other women without feeling guilty about it. So please ma'am, can I have some more?

Pinch of salt. Pinch of salt. Pinch of salt.


  1. HJ,

    So most causasian males would be off your list.

    I have enough body to hair to replace what my head has lost.

    Not a pelt, but just hair here and there.

    Hey most, sadly not all, men know they are not perfect. At least I know and expect my beloved to be the same.

    I must be getting older, I cannot remember when I worried about #8, or #6. I think young males who have hyperactive teen year sex drives really like porn.

    You get older and realize not only are those fantasies unrealistic, most of us would wind up hurt, injured or in trouble with the law if we attempted what one see in porn.

    My wife and I take turns venting. Believe, when a mans wife works, she needs to vent. We just do not vent at the same time, partners have to be supportive.


  2. yeah i guess so. :)

    I love hairy chests though.. i just think hairy backs and asses are wrong. lol

    my current bf is kinda smooth for a white guy. lol


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