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The Contest for the COACH MADISON BAG on SheShops has ended... let's wait and see who won that gorgeous bag!
Meanwhile, while waiting for the next great contest on SheShops... do join and add me as a friend! (Click Here to add me). It's a great virtual community of girls from all walks of life, all picking out clothes and accessories to add to their virtual closets which reflect their personal style. Add me as a friend, so I can go peek at your closet! (and you can peek in mine!)
I tried to grow a tomato plant garden thingy with this DIY kit. It's supposed to be super easy. I ordered 2 kits, paid abt 15 bucks.

And like 2 weeks later.. only ONE miserable sprouty thing has emerged. I absolutely cannot see how this is going to give me any sort of TOMATO garden. Bloody hell. I think I am not cut out for these things.

My bling from GUESS arrived ! Yay! (Thank u Candice for bringing it to my place!). The watch is a bit big... gonna get GB to help me remove some links, then I can start wearing it.

I ordered these wooly boots from Korea a few weeks ago, and they only arrived today. I didn't want to have to wear bright yellow uggs everywhere if I went to Hungary in the winter. But looks like I'll just store it back in this box, for next winter perhaps. (Or hopefully, I'll get a girlfriend to go to Japan with me over New Years. It's hard though, my friends have babies, or are preggers (Conrgats Sarah Mabok!), or will be spending NYs with their significant others. (Which then makes me feel shittier. But am sucking it up, still.)

My fav Almond Roca chocs now come in Macadamia. After eating it.. I think the original Almond Roca is much nicer, nuttier.

My Pearl drop choker from Clubcouture. Would look nice for Xmas party... except that.. I won't be around for Xmas now. Road trip with my bro. He's actually in Japan right now, he's been sponsored to go on to some Tokyo film course thingy, all expense paid. *envious*. He'll be back at the end of this month.

I got this from the expo sale about 3 weeks ago, when I met my friend Alwyn for lunch. Me likes it. I paid just under $60 for it, if I remember correctly. Plus is much bigger capacity than the Tumi case I've been using.

My cousin Olivia (in Perth), bought these shoes... and they pinched her around the toes. So she sent them to meeeee... yay! Skinny feet rule!! Mine now!!

Not so skinny though.. are my thighs and butt! My childhood friend JH ( opposite initials from me) gave me her Pre-Pregnancy Mango jeans. She's a damn petite 1.56m tall girl lah... and I am like a good 10 cm taller. But I am determined to fit into those jeans. ( I also need to squeeze into another black denim ripped shorts from ClubCouture).

I came back from a run today, and put the jeans on... and it's a damn squeeze.. but I am not far off... soon they will fit!

Today, I ran for the third time. (My first run was last week, GB took me... and I took 20 mins to do 2.5k... did I tell u that yet??? Super fail. hahaaa)

As I ran on my own today, I have no inkling on the timing or distance... I even brought Lola to run alongside me. And the poor baby is worse than me, after 5 mins, I had to slow the pace because she started lagging behind quite a bit. So tomorrow I'll have to go on my own. ( Any idea how far Yorkie's can run? I don't want to kill her)

I'll work on answering the 20 Questions tomorrow (prob make a 2 part video, 11 qns each segment)


  1. Anonymous10:27 pm

    HJ I think you are fine now. Why do you keep wanting to loose weight?!

  2. Yea I agree. You said before it was your body type being skinny but if it were, u wldn't have to attempt to lose weight or watch out your diet. I know what Im saying cos I am skinny though I eat seriously massive portions. I honestly don't gain weight no matter what.

    You look really nice now esp after the Hungary trip. You look so fit and healthy. Serious. :/

  3. Anonymous11:45 pm

    I think you are obsessed with your weight..Does that ever become an issue between you and your bf's? Some guys like that girls tough and not frail/skinny. I do agree you look good now..whilst before you met GB, there was a period where you looked hagged and had such sharp pointed chin - like a witch. I'm sure GB advocates healthy eating and healthy looks. Why should you squeeze yourself into pants which are too small for you? Even if they fit at the waist, you're much taller the proportions of the jean wouldn't fit you well. Get smart not obsessed!

  4. Anonymous2:41 am

    Hj ihvae a gift for you...will sedn the item out later afternoon & when u receive Pls WEAR IT!!LOL!!!

  5. Anonymous8:09 am

    the luggage looks cool. too bad the expo sale is over.

    I clicked on the pic of your boots. I could not make out where in korea u bought the boots as the address on the parcel is koreans word which I don't understand. Can you tell me where? and How much?

  6. Wat abt ur charm bracelet? Where did you get that from?

  7. @anon10.27 - not so much lose weight... but most of my bulk is in the butt and thighs. And everynow and then , I get a kick out of toning it up .. and having a target ( like fitting into those jeans) is like a mini challenge.

    @S - yeah.. my body type will never be voluptuos and curvy, I'm not built like tht. I'm more of an Ectomorph. Which I don't mind actually. And i think it's fun to try to get toned and squeeze into clothes that were made for girls half a foot shorter. lol ( I dunnoe why.. it just IS!). But it's not like I am starving myself ( I love fat food too much to do that!)... and I'm not exercising like mad amounts ( Hardly! I am too lazy for tht, sadly). So no worries.

    @anonymous11.45 - funny u shld say tht . ACtually my current BF thinks I am too heavy and my butt is too fat. ( But I am not trying to lose weight for him... I've always been like this... even with the past BFs who thought I was too skinny).

    I just tell myself he's an idiot who has been dating girls with flat butts. And also shorter more petite girls. I am not short for an asian girl, and i pack some junk in my trunk. Cest la vie!

    @anon2.41- Freaky. Please don't comment as anonymous and then expect me to know who you are!!!!

    @anon8.09- yeah it was the robinsons expo sale, and its over.

    The boots i got off a korean seller on Gmarket. price abt 20ish sing.

    @LJ - charm bracelet was last year's Valentine's day gift frm Mark ( my ex). It's from Agatha's.

  8. Anonymous10:59 am

    holy shit HJ you are so freaking hot the world is not fair ): i would just KILL to have a stomach like yours!

  9. I tried to grow parsley once. It's a freakin' WEED, it grows bloody everywhere back in Australia, they're meant to be the goddamn roaches of the plant world. Can't go too wrong right?
    I planted some in my garden, they lasted a week, uttered a gasp, and died.
    Luckily Woolworths sells 'em cheap. Tomatoes are pretty cheap too (you're in luck, HJ)!

  10. On second thought, if I were you, I'd work really hard on that one sprout. It somehow managed to sucker away the rest of its' siblings' nutrients, so you might be getting tomatoes the size of watermelons from that one li'l sucker. Gud luck.

  11. D- tomatoes aren't cheap in SG!!! unless they're the cheapo tasteless malaysian ones for cooking.

    But I of course I cannot give up on my one little sproutling! :) (hope it doesn't give up on me either!)

  12. the watch looks awesome babe!


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