Come Say Hi To Me! :)

What you doing tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon????
There's a fitness challenge at Velocity (basketball court area) (near Novena MRT). There'll be loads of entertainment and fun. Wicked Aura & Local B-Boys will be there too.

I'll be there at 2.30 pm . I'm going to judge the abs challenge. Yay! I get to rate men's abs! lol.

You get to take home a goodie bag worth $300!! A $300 Goodie Bag!!!
So do pop down, get a goodie bag, have a peek at what's going on... come say hi to me ( I won't bite.. promise! Even though I may look proud and prudish.. I am actually not la!)

OOOH before I forget...due to overwhelming response in the contest (112 entries!) I held on my blog 2 weeks ago, kindofwonderful has chosen not ONE but THREE winners for the Once Upon A Dream Maxi Dress!!

Check your email! (pearlene_virgo, nadnut, sugarbowling). Congratulations! :)


Anonymous said…
The female one does not have the allure of the guy.

Maybe she's a bit fat for my liking.
Anonymous said…
haha funny as hell! Love parodies!
Jess said…
Nope. The woman one just doesn't work. But i suppose it might be getting hits because the guy one was a hit.
Kuen said…
I'll beat everyone with my BIG MUSCLE on my abs.
Holly Jean said…
i agree.. i don't like the page 3 (female) version of this viral. Somehow I find it dumb and slutty.. while the original male version was smart and kinda tongue in cheek.

Maybe I am just jealous. lol. (But I don't think so la)

@Kuen- ur welcome to come down to say HI! Just keep ur shirt on. lol
Kuen said…
Can't la. I need to dig out my army stuff and wash them wahahaha. Next time got another event tell me, i go boo you.
nadnut said…
Yay! Thanks babe!
Kuen said…
Hey, how did it go? :D