Working My Ass Off

No, not literally. Unfortunately.

(Size of ass is still big)

I've been on the computer all day working. Writing. Clearing Emails. Scheduling stuff. And I shot and edited a short video of me unboxing the new LG Optimus One. Show you on Wednesday.

I am exhausted. I need to pee quite badly. My hair desperately needs a wash.

But I feel bad.. I feel like there's a tonne of stuff I want to tell you all but I just have not gotten round to it...

So, let me tell you about how GB and I started dating...

On August 13, it was the end of a busy week, yes it was FRIDAY THE 13TH! I was done with the day and on my way home, I tweeted :

(My tweets appear on Facebook too). GB responded to this tweet by sending me a message, asking if perhaps I wanted to have a relaxing drink instead of stayin in.

I was actually too exhausted to go out, but vaguely interested. So I added him on MSN instead.

"How I Met Your Mother" was going to start on Starworld... so initially I intended to only spend 15 mins chatting with GB.

But 15 minutes turned into an hour plus. I missed double episodes of the sitcom.

Somewhere in the beginning of the chat, he asked if we could date on Saturday? Sunday? i turned him down because I had dates scheduled for that weekend already.

He was nice about it, not pushy. But towards the end of the chat, I just had a gut feeling, that this guy was worth pursuing. He was ticking some very right boxes.

So in that span of 1 hour, in conversation with him, I went from "sorry I am busy this weekend, let's meet next week"... to "Changed my mind, can I meet you tomorrow." So, i cancelled my Saturday date (no hard feelings, sorry), and met GB instead.

I didn't know if it was the right move to cancel my date with K (another guy I had already met once). What I especially didn't know, at that point, was that GB was going to end up being someone so special to me.

So.. on Saturday, he comes to pick me up. He is waiting downstairs, and I was upstairs in a mad rush getting ready. As I was leaving my house, I realised I didnt have my house keys to lock the door. I hesitated for a moment, and thought about going back in my room to look for those keys. But I was already late, so I just ran off, and shut the door without locking it.

And when I got downstairs, GB mentioned, " one more minute and I would have left." ( no worries, he didn't say it in a rude or begrudging way. He's just a very straight forward, not a sweet talker kind of guy)

Man I felt BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. I am usually never late!

You see, he has this policy where he won't wait more than 15 minutes for anyone.

( He even says nowadays, how glad he is that I wasn't a minute later)

Just imagine, one more minute, and I perhaps there would never be a GB and Me.

It was a great date, I took him to Siglap to eat the Hakka type fried yong tau foo. Yums. Then we walked to Hagen Daz to have ice cream. After that, he dropped me off at the clothes fitting I had to go for.

That evening, he texted to ask when he could see me again. I looked at the message, beaming. I was happy. I liked him already.

But I was busy at that very instant and told myself I would reply later. And guess what? I FORGOT!

What a shit head. I hate when people don't reply my SMSs... I always say it shows the lack of priority. And I had just done it to him... :(

The next morning, I had a shoot, and it ended around 11am. In the taxi on the way home, I rang GB. To apologise for the night before, and we met up straight away for brunch that very day. ( I had to cancel my other date! But by that moment, everything felt right.. it wasn't even a minutely difficult decision to start cutting all the other men out)

So that's how GB and I started... not really magical with fairytale AWWWWW moments... but I'm happy all the same.

No, we have not said or mentioned anything about "Love" yet. He's said it a couple of times, but in a jokey manner.

I thought Mark & I in the past were slow to pop that phrase... but he said it at the turn of the new year, so by my calculations, it was after dating for 2 months and 3 days.

You know... when we were in Malacca for my birthday weekend, in my head, I thought it would be a good time to tell him I loved him. But I didn't... because I wanted the moment to be special... and that evening was already marred because he didn't think to get me a card or a little surprise to give me, when it went past midnight into my birthday. Instead we were just lying in bed watching TV, so that made me a little sad, and I dropped the idea.

Then later on he told me he was taking me to Europe. And I thought, surely it'll come out then. But it didn't. I even remember thinking, on our last night there.. should I say it? What will his reaction be like? Maybe I should just wait.

And I chickened out as waited instead.

But it doesn't matter what I say right? It matters what I feel.


P/s - (Click here) just wrote on NSP: 5 things to say in response to


  1. Anonymous5:28 am

    haha shit. if he said 1 more min i wld have left, for me i wld have just say bye. hahaha abit rude. cldn't you tell him you were running late?

  2. @anon - whhops.. ok i edited the post so ppl won't misunderstand.

    He didn't say - 'one more minute I would have left" in a angry or pissed off way.

    He said it in a - oh I am so glad i actually didnt leave.. cos i like what I see right now. ... kind of way...

  3. Anonymous9:16 am

    Hello bubby,

    Quick question. Why does saying I love you need to be such a calculated one? Why don't you let it come out when you feel its right to come out. And you'll know. right?

    Love V

  4. HI V...

    awww.. u called me bubby... :)

    well.. I live in fairytale land and I am still the same idiot that wants moments like these to be special... u know.. said as the sun and moon eclipse sort of thing.

    I dn't know why. I am just like that. :S I have had moments when it nearly popped out. but then i analyse the situation very quickly and tell myself to wait.. wait for a better moment.

    Oh well!

  5. Remember to give a full phone review!!!

    It's funny sometimes how 1 small decision you make could change a lot in your life.

  6. Anonymous10:48 am

    Okay. I wish you and GB all the best : ) You seem so very happy with him! Give up his name already! I can't help but think his real name is like Gilberto Barns or smth exotic like that! (and thats Gilberto said with a J heh)

    P.S pls stop talking about mark! I know he was/still is a very special person and what you two had was very undeniable but if you keep bringing him up - its as if you're hindering your own progress ? I say this only because I want the best for you and Gilberto!

    Love, V

  7. Anonymous11:08 am

    Would you say I love you before getting intimate and having sex or the other way round?

  8. awwww. so sweet! congrats once again babe!

  9. @V-- haha.. gilberto ! lol.. it does sound damn sexy .. with a "J" sound... (also add in the french sounding rolling airy type "R" !!!)

    @anon 11.08- erm.. yeah i think i would... hv sex with someone without verbally claiming love. I Love You comes much later in a r'ship for me... than intimacy... gosh it sounds so wrong ... but i think it's true for most people??

  10. "But it doesn't matter what I say right? It matters what I feel."

    True dat...and very sweet indeed :)

  11. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Because actually "really" meaning (feeling) the words you are about to say takes time, it makes the moment more special when you finally mouth it.

    Patience! It'll come.

  12. Anonymous7:47 pm

    How do you ensure that the other party does not have AIDS or any other sexually transmitted diseases?

  13. How do u ensure tht the other party does not have AIDS even if you both say "I Love You"?

  14. ok ... maybe i shldn't joke.

    seriously? You cannot tell someone's health by looking at them

    use protection ( condom) until you both get blood tests done. ( EVen that is not 100% as there is a window period for HIV, about 3 months.. where it won;t show up in the blood test)

  15. Anonymous5:33 am

    hello i wonder how you gonna make it work because he lives in another country are yoy gonna emigrate to hungary? u like your blog

  16. well. he has been in sg since 2001. pretty much settled here.

    I am not sure myself if I will be in Sg forever... I love it... but I also have the luxury of living elsewhere for a few months, then somewhere else for a few more months.. then Sg.... because I can take my work with me wherever.

    SG will always be home ground though.

    ANd just because I want to live like tht doesn't mean it can be a reality as most prob my husband in the future cant have the luxury of such flexibility...

    so yeah, the fact tht he's from hungary doesn't worry me. And I think even if he left SG, he wld go somewhere else and not hungary anyway, ( career wise).


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