Sunday Lemmings

(Sunday lemmings a couple of hours earlier than Sunday )
Wore my pretty Beatricia Frills Dress from Milly Walker to my Girls Day Out on Thursday afternoon.....

Very swirly and pretty dress... stretchy comfy tank joined to a light chiffon skirt. And I love the satin cumberband across the waist!

For those who lem after cute things like these pens (I DO!!), do check out MillyWalker for their freebies.

F, Baby Rayhan, Joanne And Me...
( YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! F is back in Singapore until January... and Joanne has come back from Vietnam, for a long stay....)
The girls (Joanne & F) tried on new lip products from ettusais (not in stores yettttt!!!)

:) Will share our pics and reviews with you soon!

Eye Spy On ... something quirky!

There's always stuff which catch my eye at . What do you think of this one? Is it a cool quirky? Or clowny quirky?


I kinda thought we (GB & I) were going to Universal Studios next weekend! But actually it's on the 11th of NOV (public holiday)... so I have to wait!!! And I just received my outfit for the outing... from ClubCouture.(All their new stock is priced at $29! eeeks!!! :) Go see the checked shirt at $29... I likeeee it)

Anyway, I cannot button my shorts because my bum has become bigger.... again!!! And it's too tight around the thighs! THAT'S what 2 weeks of a mainly carbo diet did to me! I'm sure GB will say it's not the carbs, but it's the fat and salami stuff I ate for two whole weeks.

But baby... I already eat fat food in Singapore! If it's not salami and Hungarian sausages... I eat Kway Chap, Chicken Skins, sausages (and Lap cheong!)... (small portions of course.. I never pig out). So I am pretty sure it's the bread that's caused this gain.

Ultimate Lemming of the week- A tight ass.

I want to fit into those shorts by christmas... I would have said by the 11th of Nov... but that's a bit unrealistic as I really cannot even button these shorts now. :(

(Stay tuned for that everyone, and also remind me about it, in case I forget in a couple of weeks lol)


  1. Let me help kick your ass into the shorts!

  2. woah, nice shorts. whr did u get it frm?

  3. Anonymous11:18 pm

    i don't like the first pic. the dress makes your long upper body even longer and short legs even shorter.

  4. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Why don't u go universal studios next year when more rides are up?

  5. @Kuen - Kick My ass?? hello... everytime i meet you it has been food related la. if anything... I SHOULD AVOID YOU. Anyway, my BF will do the kicking. lol

    @th-Jess - clubCouture. but its bit too tight for me at the moment.

    @anonymous - haha.. my legs aren't short. Perhaps it was my posture as I was trying hard not to look like a giant towering over my two petite girlfriends that day!!! :)

    Me likes the dress anyway (short legs short legs lah) :)

  6. Then we should make it not food related!

  7. Miss Piggy1:50 pm

    Hey Hollyjean, relax about the weight gain. People tend to put on weight when we're happy in love so look on the bright side! Ur happy in love now and its all goin great. Besides i thot u were really skinny b4 so good to put on a few pounds!

  8. What miss piggy said. :)

  9. Anonymous12:19 am

    Hey i'm intending to buy skirts from clubcouture and i'm a uk6/8. i've checked the size chart and its either small or medium. just wanna know which size you would recommend?:) as in, are the medium sized skirts loose?

  10. hmm... thts tricky... cos even for me, i am in between sizes.

    i find tht skirts usually S fits, no problem

    but if its tiny tight denim non stretch shorts, then S is too tight.

    My suggestion is get S ( esp if ur not very Hip-py) If tht doesnt fit, u can always exchange, no problem with them.

  11. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Thanks! so much :)


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