Splish Splash

Remember the Aqua Splash OB I told you about about 3 months ago? Now there's a new version!

Aqua Splash M (SGD$29/40ml)

M= Moisturising! I loooove moisture!

Aqua Splash M is a moisturising mist for touch up, so you can spray it on over your make up any time of the day. The mist is an essence which moisturises your skin and also helps make foundation last longer.

I brought it along with me on the flight to Hungary... took 21 hours to get from Changi Airport to Hungary!!!!

I knew I'd be in dire need of moisture because my skin is dry in the first place... plus 21hours travelling... ?!?!? *yikes*

I sprayed a light mist on my face every few hours. Then I gently patted it down with my fingers to help my skin absorb it faster. There's no sticky feeling, and felt so refreshing.

This product served me well during my flight. I use it everyday, even when I am not wearing make-up ( so easy to carry in my bag), it's especially useful if you work in an air-con office all day.

The key ingredient in this little pink bottle is Trehalose. (Go google what Trehalose can do for your skin!) Trehalose is a natural moisturising ingredient and it prevents dehydration because it replaces water in tissues helping to retain the natural structure of skin. *Thumbs up!!!*

If you have oily skin, you don't have to worry because this product is oil-free! Plus it consists of mineral ingredients and 100% refined water... all goodness for sensitive and troubled skin!