Show & Tell: Hungary

This is Ronnie.

This is GB's Chocolate roll. (I didn't eat it).

This is Kolbasz.
Yummy sausage.. much like the spanish Chorizo. (MUST buy and bring back to SG)

This is a yummy omellette in the pan.

This is the same yummy omellette, on a plate.

This is me on the way to the capital ( Budapest).

This is us in the car. Me cam whoring, GB on the phone. No one actually focused on the road. (kidding)

This is should be a Jew's car.

This is the capital, pissing down.

This is the Eastern Station.

This is Bangers and potato for me, Paprika potato for GB.

This is me waiting patiently for GB.

This is GB trying on new work shoes.

This is my Hot Chocolate with Bailey's.

This is me thinking man it's hot in here. Why's the heater blasting?

This is like red bull. Very useful to combat jet lag.

This is Ronnie again. Like my yellow boots and yellow jacket?

This is ginger ale. Nice... but give me Schweppes... anytime.

Hungarian alcohol... like 50% spirit. Mother! (I forgot to photograph Unicum which is their Jeigermeister)

This is us at a resto waiting for brunch.

This is GB's ham and eggs.

This is mine. Scrambled eggs and Kolbasz. (yes, again!)

This is me jumping.

This is me standing.

This is GB buying peaches.

That's a church. (Protestant)

This is me walking. Pleased I managed to keep my yellow boots clean thus far.

This is a catholic church. Looove beautiful ceilings.

This is a gorgeous day.


  1. Anapower1:57 pm

    This is a lovely blog post.

  2. girl with the coffee overdose2:44 pm

    From the profile shot, GB looks a little like David know..Angel from "Buffy," and Booth from "Bones."

  3. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Amazing, you guys must be going good if he allows you to put his face on your blog!

    To be honest, i dont like the yellow uggs but the yellow jacket is awesome!

    Pic with you jumping is super cute :)

    Have a great time in Hungary.

  4. My family and i was very lucky this week, because we meet the Pearl of Singapore. Holly is very cute, clever and she is very pretty. Her new boyfriend is a perfect man! He is modest, generous, handsome and very romantic and he is my bestfriend. He looks like Hugh Grant!

  5. Anonymous1:02 am

    did u get boob job?

  6. Brilliant pics, color's amazing! Was it enhanced in any way? What cam do you use?

  7. @anapower - thankies!

    @girlwithcoffeeoverdose- yeah perhaps only in side profile though :)

    @anon6.58- He only allowed those pics because it was side profile, and he won't be recognised on the streets :D

    @Robert - :D Thank you Robbie! I am so glad to have met your lovely family too.

    @anon1.02 - sadly, no. But had a push up bra under the pink grey striped sweater dress. The pink sweater... normal bra - think there's a visible difference. haha.

    @V - canon s90 , but my bf post processes and adjusts colours/exposure for me.

  8. Your trip looks awesome! Argh. Need to travel!

  9. lol @ the captions.

    loved your nails in the like red bull useful to combat jet lag picture hehe

  10. Anonymous8:26 pm

    what does gb stands for? and anyway, your trip seems lovely! love the blog!

  11. Anonymous8:44 pm

    pics are excellent!
    you can't say "side profile", coz profile means a side view of a person's face.

  12. Illyana9:06 pm

    GB looks very old. your brown boots on the other hand, look great.

  13. @nadnut- hieee!

    @Deb- yeah ...cos I was too lazy to write long story. :D

    @phoebe- Can't say! :)

    @anon8.44- oh yah.

    @Illyana- hmm... u deduced from such a small pic?? On the contrary, he's the youngest BF I've had. And he doesn't look old... not even in tht pic. (to me)

  14. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Enjoy ya Holy Jie Jie . The chocolate roll shape look like _____ hahaha . The scrambled eggs look delicious .

  15. doesn't gb stand for geek boy? haha.. your bf is HAWT! ^^ i hope everything goes well.

  16. Anonymous10:57 am

    Can i know where you bought your brown boots? I'm going iceland.. couldn't find a proper one

  17. got them in a post winter sale in australia.. was damn cheap.

    if ur in Singapore... have u seen the boots at NewLook??? very nice ones.. but not sure if they're sufficiently insulated for Iceland.

    But the boots are not expensive at new look ( aboyut 60 to 80 bucks).. so u might wanna go see. And then Buy wool socks from a winter store ( like WinterTime).. and u shld be Good To Go! :D


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