Happy fun stuff to share with you!!

There's a brand new fashion portal called SheShops. Nope... not trying to sell you stuff. It's your one stop portal for your fashion inspiration!

When you register as a member, you can...
1- Fill your Closet
2- Express your style by creating Lookbooks
3- Organise stuff in your closet into collections
4- Browse other people's closets and lookbooks for more fashion inspiration

To upload an item in your closet, all you need is a picture. This can be from the internet, or taken from your camera, etc.
Once you upload the pic (takes only a few seconds), you can key in details such as the price, brand, colour, material, where the item is from. This way, when another member likes the item in your closet, they can click on it and find out details! And when you like an item in someone else's closet, you'll know where to get it!

Come in and browse my closet... it's not very big (YET!), but I put in some really pretty stuff!!! If something catches your eye, simply click on the thumbnail to find out more details. If you like an item, you can "heart" it, or "favourite" it.

Next, you can create LOOKBOOK pages with stuff from your closet and other member's closets.

Just drag the item onto your Lookbook page... it's easy. This is one of my lookbook pages, I call this look Preppy Little Rich Girl. It has a checked shirt, which can go with white skinnies or denims or khaki shorts... and white canvas mary janes or pink canvas shoes to match! Accessorize with my choice of bag and boyish watch! :)
Members can leave comments on each others' lookbook pages too. It's like a whole community of girlfriends who will be your sounding board. This is especially useful if you're not entirely sure if the look you created is a hit or miss!
Of course, as you keep uploading stuff, your virtual closet is going to get massive!! You can organise it by placing your stuff into collections.
So far, I have 2 collections. One is my favourite stuff from ClubCouture... so all ClubCouture pieces in my closet goes in this collection. The next is My Own designs... but of course, at the moment, there's only one dress in there.. wakakakaaaa... but I am planning to design more dresses. I also want to add a collection for all my denim bottoms in my closet too.
If you're looking for something in particular, you can search all the members' closets for it. For instance, if I want to buy a pair of booties but I don't have the time to go shopping around for it... I can just use the search function.

Then i spot a pair I like... and click on the thumbnail...
Ooohh... this pair of booties was uploaded by a fellow SheShops member called Shoo... and in the details, I find out that this is 90bucks and from TopShop. :) (Thank you Shoo!!!)

Ok.. enough of me raving about SheShops... it's your turn to check it out!!

GiveAway: COACH BAG!!!!

Coach Madison Maggie (worth over SGD$800)

To stand a chance to win this bag,

1. Sign up as a member
2. Create a Lookbook featuring the Coach bag. (You have to search for “Coach Madison Maggie”, and use the item in your Lookbook! )
You can style it formal chic with structured dresses and high heels... or you can go bohemian... or give the whole look a Weekend feel. Totally up to you.
Closing date is 15 December 2010. One winner will be selected from all the lookbook pages featuring the Coach Madison Maggie bag!


Oh... and add me as a friend okay!? Once you've signed up, CLick HERE to directly add me as your friend.