SheShops Shout

Having been jet lagged and waking up at odd hours of the morning(I'ts 6am here now) ... I've spent my time fruitfully poking around SheShops.

Since I'm going to start designing for my new label once I get back. I hope to launch in theblogshop stores by year end! I love looking at other SheShop member's lookbooks for fashion inspiration.

If you're at SheShops (join us if you're not a member yet!!!!), look for me hollyjean and link up as friends okay... :)

I cannot wait to start designing pretty stuff!
Don't forget about the giveaway- Coach Madison bag!


  1. Kirsteen10:52 am

    hi holly,

    would like to check with you if i want to request you to customize 8pcs of dresses for my 'sisters' for my wedding in oct2011, is it possible?


  2. hi Kirsteen

    do u have a particular style in mind?

    Is there a rough budget you need to work wthin?

    Let me know details and I'll see how I can help you



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