Princess Glitter

Ettusais has just launched Princess Glitter eye and nail colors!

The new Princess Glitter eye color (Sgd$19) from ettusais is super translucent and brilliantly shimmery because it contains polarised Lam'e and pearls in more than 100 layers of ultra-thin film!

There are 4 super duper shimmery colors to choose from: vi2, pk6, br6 and gd2.

And for a shimmery eyeshadow, I'm surprised that it lasts as long as my matt ones. Not only is it well pigmented (the colours are vibrant) but it also blends easily because it's so fine and smooth.

Smokey eyes can look sultry (ala Kim Kardashian) but it can be too heavy a look for a small face to pull off. Since most Asians have smaller more delicate features, here's my variation of smokey eyes for us.
Here I'm using Princess Glitter eye colors gd2 and br6 to give my girlfriend the smokey eye look with a light shimmery twist. :)

This is my friend N with no eye make up.
First I applied GD2 on her eyelid. (See pink dots in pic above!)

The gold gives a nice shimmer to the eyelid. It will lighten and brighten your eye area.

Then I used BR6 on the outer third of the eyelid. (Follow the shape formed by the green dots)

This darker colour gives a smokey effect as well as contours the eyelid, giving it depth.

Finally, I highlighted just below the outer half of the eyebrow (make that brow bone pop!), drew a bold line with black liquid liner along her lash line and put one coat of BI.TA.BA Volume Mascara on her lashes.

And this is the final effect! :) [The BI.TA.BA. mascara never fails to amaze me!!]

When going for the smokey eyes look, make sure you go nude or light on your lips so the attention on your face is always drawn to your shimmery smokey eyes.

The other thing you can bling up... are your fingernails. The Princess Glitter nail colors (Sgd$20) come is 5 new ultra shimmery colors: si3, pk8, gd2, be4 and vi3.

Of course, these colors will look great on it's own (simply paint 2 coats on your nails, and then finish it off with the gel nail top coat.) I don't need to show you THAT right?!

.But here, I'm going to show you my simple nail marbling technique where I use the ettusais princess nail color. (It's easy! No need to pay to get it professionally done!)

When marbling, you need a dark colour and a light colour. In the past, I used a red for the darker colour, and a matt white for the lighter colour. But now I've found that the Princess Glitter nail colors add more dimension to my marbling and it shimmers!

,In this video tutorial, I am using a generic red nail polish (any dark colour will do) and Princess Glitter Nail color si3 (Silver). I tried it with pk8 yesterday and that's very sweet :)

Tip: you can dip your toothpick/stick in a bit of oil ( vaseline, olive oil, hair oil, whatever!) and this prevents the nail polish from sticking to your stick when you re trying to form the marbling design.

You can also rub a bit of oil onto the skin around your nail ( AVOID THE NAIL ITSELF!) and that will make wiping the excess nail polish off much easier. I didn't do that because I was lazy :( [but trust me, I've done it on many occasions, and it works].

Visit for more info on the Princess Glitter range!


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    The bitaba mascara looks amazing on your friend

  2. the colours are so pretty!


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