OK (Sorta..) All Packed!

Quick Update:

I got home a while ago from Tangs, there's a GUESS roadshow on until 7 October. They've just launched a new range of watches and jewellery. I was invited to pop down to be a GUESS girl for the day and get the GUESS girl treatment..

I wore one of my new outfits from ClubCouture... Looove the suspenders that come with these trousers! It only comes in one colour, I'm wearing S size. You can get it here.

What a dayyyy, make up done for me by Shiseido, then I got to try on jewellery and also pick out my favourite watch. Yaaayyy! Show you pics of my GUESS girl day soon...

Then after such a glam day... I took the MRT home! Kwa kwa kwa.....

I also stopped over at L'OCCITANE at ION. Will be visiting GB's folks and I don't want to turn up empty handed. Shitty thing is though... OMG now I have to figure out how to fit this package into my suitcase as well!!! :( Plus all the bottles made of glass. :(

And I have a photoshoot tomorow morning at 10am. If I take home any dresses from TheStyleHunter, please shoot me. Then I fly off in the evening. SO BUSY.. I can't wait to get away and have a break. ( I will still continue blogging from whereever I end up though! Stay tuned!)

I have a new sponsor on board hollyjean.sg :) It's TheBlogShop. Their retail outlets are at Far East Plaza, Haji Lane and City Plaza.

Went to their City Plaza outlet last week. This is their wholesale outlet, it's on the 3rd floor. (#03-130)

I'll be selling my label at their retail outlets. *excited* Will roll it out once I am back from Europe.

Meanwhile I picked out 4 dresses, a military inspired skirt and a Long cardigan for my trip! Will show you more pics soon.
I'm also taking with me some new products from ettusais (launching in October), will tell you more once I test them out.

And my Editor gave me pretty accessories to match all my nice clothes from theblogshop.com and ClubCouture! Thank you BZ... it's one of the best B'dae presents ever!!! So ME!

I just tried to pack my stuff... and this is what I ended up with. :( These are all the clothes and shoes (one boots, one black heels, that's all) I will be bringing... but I have not packed stuff like make up, shampoo, moisturiser.. yet.

If it's about 6 degrees (as mentioned by a helpful Hungarian commentor), will I need my Yellow puffy jacket???
Or will I look like a stupid eskimo and not need it there? I really can't fit everything in my case, so am thinking of leaving this behind, but I don't want to go there and then it's too cold for just a cardigan. Tell me what you think please!!!

GB, if you're reading this... How?? I cannot fit my stuff into my bag :(

I'll have to continue packing tonight... I'm going to a GUESS launch today... fab fab watches :) tell you more and show you pics later!


  1. girl with the Seiko watch7:19 am

    6 deg. IS too cold for a cardigan, especially if you're used to tropical weather.

  2. No, I am not reading this.

  3. At +6 Celsius, I would think you need at least a double or triple layer of those thin yellow eskimo outfits, so definitely bring at least one.

    We will buy a thicker one once there if needed. (+6 is not that bad though)

    And well, if it can't fit into your baggage, then I guess it needs to stay.

    (ahahaaaa :))

  4. Anonymous8:46 am

    how about carrying it with ur hands?

  5. @ girl with the Seiko watch - i think ur right :( It's a nice cardi though.. so will bring it .. hopefully some days will be warmer.

    i would hate to be photographed wearing the same YELLOW jacket everyday...

    @GB - I was hinting at - can i put stuff in your bag. But i guess u already knew that.


    @Anon - will prob do tht. I did think of it prior.. but it doesnt match my airport outfit! Will have to change the airport outfit... also because I think i will have to wear my boots (was goin to wear white sneakers initially).. but my boots take up one quarter of my bag lah (!).

    Am worried I will look like some eskimo at changi airport.. and then get on a plane full of hungarians wearing summer clothes... imagine the shame.... :(

  6. Anonymous9:46 am

    i think you should get a bigger bag

  7. u will need it. trust me. i went to korea and it was 8degree, couldnt really get used to it and i still feel cold with a thicker jacket than ur yellow one. so yup, bring it.

  8. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Hi Holly, wear something light to the airport, and then bring a cardigan or sweater (by hand) with you to the plane, which it will be warm while on flight. You can roll or vacuum pack your yellow jacket and tuck in your luggage.

    In Hugary, temp +6degC is very cold, do bring along the jacket for warmth against any wind and rain. Cardigan can be worn on the inside and indoors.

    Do you have a heavyweight wool jacket/trenchcoat like style, or a leather jacket with an extra wool fleece lining inside? These are also good to keep you warm.

    Otherwise, you can buy from Hungary. :)


  9. Anonymous4:04 pm

    you shdnt really pack too much stuff, leave some space for your shopping. Ya not gg all the way there without shopping are u? :P

  10. Anonymous4:26 pm

    I think you need to pack at least ONE good thick versatile jacket, i.e. able to match most of your stuff.

    You will probably find 6 degrees cold. If its 6 in the day, then bring your yellow puffy jacket cos it's gonna be a nightmare at night.

    If its 6 in the night, then yay to you cos you might be able to wear your cardis in the day. Either way, have fun! ;)

  11. hi holly...

    i am a singaporean currently living in the netherlands, where most of the times, it is lower than 10 degrees.. anyway, if u are concerned about the fashion style.. i think the yellow jacket might really stand out cos most europeans are into H&M fashion. They normally don a thick jacket with jeans/stockings and boots.. but since no one can recognise you (and there are also many who wear like a eskimo so no worries :P ) , it is better that you bring your coat than a cardigan!!

    6 degrees is pretty cold if you have never been to a cold country before.. especially if there is wind. up to now, i am still not very used to the weather in the netherlands. lol. So my point is a cardigan wont suffice and if u dont have anything else, bring the yellow jacket along.. it is a necessity to keep you warm :)

    hope this helps. :)

  12. hi Jo,

    yep. bringing the yellow jacket.

    I packed mostly tights (2 black, 1 pink) and one white, one black patterned stockings (if I can get away with it). 3 dresses to wear with those. one sweater dress. 1 demin skirt. couple of long sleeves, one long checked shirt, one skinny jeans in purple, one relaxed blue jeans. one sweat pants (but thts for like "home" use). My Lamb hoodie. And boots and sneakers.

    Actually not much stuff. I def need to get a bigger luggage. So depressing, I just spend the last hour deliberating and choosing stuff to leave behind!!!

    If i can't get away with a cardi.. then i got to use the yellow jacket.. what a spoiler!!!

  13. Oh forgot to mention... most of my "LOOKS" tht I can create from the stuff I am bringing... is very Jappy autumn style.

    Man they're gonna think I'm weird.


  14. Anonymous8:33 pm

    hey may i know what does your daily meal plan's like?


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