Life in Hungary

Early morning walks...

It's nice to be able to hold the hand of someone special.
I love the crisp morning air...

Then we drove to Robi's house for lunch...

Robi's wife, Manyi made goulash.

... and I love this snitzel looking thing she made too... absolutely yummy.

Then we went to the fields... GB taught me how to drive a car there (Manual). How did I do? erm.. FAIL. The little bike was much less confusing, but too scary for me still... ( I know, what a whimp!)

So he gave me a joy ride instead...

There's a lot I love about the city life in Singapore... but I also love the Hungarian lifestyle...

peaceful... friendly... wholesome.

I'm so lucky to have had such wonderful hosts (GB's family & friends).


  1. Anonymous11:08 am

    I like your picture on your look younger :)


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