Help Me! Singaporean Stuck in HUNGARIAN Mud Slide!

Ah... Sensationalising.. where would the media be without it. I'm in Hungary right now... day 3 here. The mud slide happened a couple days ago.

And I've been getting so many code red calls from family, friends and acquaintances in Singapore... asking if I am ok.

What is deemed a Nation wide disaster by those outside of Hungary... is really just a mudslide which covered an area of about Katong to Bedok (I'm giving it to you in Singapore terms, so you can imagine how big the spill is). And Hungary isn't as populous as Singapore of course, so you also need to imagine this area made up mainly of empty fields.

There's the mud bit in brown, it slid to Kolontar (circled).

Below is a zoomed out version of the map.

The last pic below shows the affected area (red dot), and this map doesn't even show the whole of Hungary. Budapest and where I am.. is much further right of the map (not seen on this printscreen as I would have to zoom out to epic porportions)

So yes, Hungary is safe, the affected area is very minute in relation to the whole of Hungary. There is no state of emergency. It is not the apocalypse. In fact a lost worse happens in this country daily... just that it's not as sensational to those who have nothing better to inflate and write about.

What is Singapore thinking.. imposing travel restrictions to Hungary? Who made that up? So ignorant!

On a different note, we'll be driving up to that big lake Balaton there over the weekend (not kidding, it's in our itinerary). If I get up to my neck in toxic mud, this will be the last you hear from me. :)


  1. Just be more careful. Keep us updated.

  2. HollyJean,

    Enjoy your time in Hungary.

    BTW, why Hungary?
    All of Europe is just a short train ride away?


  3. Sabrina8:47 pm

    Glad to know it isn't like something so big like what was reported. Have fun and be safe babe :)

  4. Anonymous11:57 pm

    well. ignorance is bliss too. not all you see is all there is. this is the worst pollution spill in hungary, and affects the environment of hungary and neighbouring countries.
    yes, it is only a spill. but a toxic one unparalleled. rivers, groundwater, soil. done and dead. for EVER. Did u see how they had to abandon the whole place. Its DEAD, you can not do anything there for a long long time.

  5. Well said about ignorance.

    Some facts 'cos I like to try bring people out of it (hopeless I know):

    - the village was abandoned for sure, but it is one small place in an otherwise not that small country - 600 people out of 10 million.

    - only one small stream (Toma stream) and a river (Marcal) was affected with fish dying out, by the time the spill reached the rivers RĂ¡ba and then the Danube it got diluted so much that it was not doing much harm.

    The damage to the Marcal and Toma is not permanent for sure, rivers usually regenerate themselves from downstream within 2-3 years.

    For instance there was a real serious cyanide spill from some Romanian industries coming into Hungary and killing all the inhabitation of the rivers coming from east / Romania 3 or 4 years ago, that seemed really serious, tons of dead fishes. By now the rivers regenerated.

    But yeah, please go on and dramatise.


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