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Hey ya.. am just trying to raise some awareness in the blogosphere on 2 worthy charitable causes.

Bizlink Centre is a Charity that provides Services for the Employment of People With Disabilities.

These Abled People is a shopping site which sells the cards and handicrafts which were created by people with disabilities.

So birthdays... Christmas.. please try not to buy your greeting cards from big brands like Hallmark ( seriously.. 6 bucks for a greeting card?! What a ripoff!)... spend your money on a good cause instead... These Abled People are working to earn a living and not just depending on charity, so we should do our best to support their efforts.

Note to GB - if you're ever going to buy me flowers, do it the charitable way.

Apart from Christmas, they have other designs as well.

See if you fall in love with any of their quiant little creations :)

What I like about These Abled People is that even though the money is for charity, they don't price their stuff to rip people off.
:) Visit this site to see what they're selling - http://shopping.simplyrichsg.biz/



Action for AIDS (AfA), a voluntary community based organization and registered charity focuses on its AIDS commitment through the constant promotion of prevention education, advocating and providing care and welfare of people living with HIV/AIDS.

AfA is rolling out its first campaign of the year to generate awareness of HIV risk to women.

30th October 2010 (Saturday) – There is an outdoor movie and picnic event at Fort Canning Park Green starting at 5.30pm. Running till late, the event will highlight the cause and raise funds for affected women, through the screening of "Penelope" (a fairy tale, complete with a witch's curse, about discovering how to love and accept yourself for you no matter what).

Early bird tickets are pegged at $15 (1 ticket), $25 (2 tickets) and $40 (4 tickets). Entry prices on the day itself (if you didn't buy in advance) are $20, $30 and $50 respectively.

More details at www.afa.org.sg


  1. Anonymous12:33 pm

    hey, these are really meaningful (: thanks for posting them.. shall repost these on facebook~ ((:

  2. Anonymous12:21 am

    Hi HJ i cant seem to find the bear in sweater on the site. can you give me the link please?

    many thanks.

  3. http://shopping.simplyrichsg.biz/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=16


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