GUESS What I Love?

The new range of GUESS watches and Jewellery!

I had the GUESS girl treatment last Saturday afternoon at the GUESS roadshow, at TANGS Orchard.

First I got made over over by Shiseido. I got the edgy rock type look with dark smokey eyeshadow. Very sexy!

There's a promo on now. If you purchase a GUESS watch & jewellery at TANGS Orchard Promenade from 1 - 7 October, you'll be treated to a make over by Shiseido too!

Then I checked out the collection (it's on all 3 levels of Tangs!).
Rings to die for..... These are rose gold. My favourite is the ROSE GOLD range of jewellery. But they also have them in silver, stainless steel and gun metal.

I SO love this ring to bits! But sadly it was too loose for me because I have scrawny fingers. Maybe it's a good thing it, cos otherwise, I would have wanted the whole collection!

I did take this one! The star has black gems on one side, then as it dangles...
tadaa... rose gold on the other side!

And I also chose the signature ring... all hearts... with the red guess heart shaped logo, rose gold heart and bling heart. :)

And this chunky GUESS necklace is a must have for all GUESS babes (not expensive, it's only like $75, plus its Rose Gold! The silver one is nice too. You can go check it out.)

Ok.. GUESS which watch I chose?? I think it's not that difficult to GUESS right?

The HOT PINK one with the ceramic strap of course! I think the white one is very nice too... in fact, it's much more elegant... but hulloooo... put a hot pink option in front of me.. what you expect me to do?!
Check out the GUESS RoadShow at Tangs Orchard... it has the complete Fall/Winter range of jewellery and watches.


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