To Quit Before I'm 30!

Here's a list of the top 10 things a girl woman must stop doing by the time she's 30...

(This chiffon dress will be in thestylehunter's next collection!)

10. Making out with girl friends at a bar for attention
I admit.. I had faux lesbian moments with girlfriends in the past... but all this stopped while I was still a teenager.

9. Shopping at the Junior/Teens section
My last pair of jeans were from New Look's kids section ... (I think that section is called Generation) It's a pair of comfy ripped jeans that's meant for a 13year old. It cost only $29, and it's so comfy.

8. Filling her bed with stuffed toys
Oh for me.. even one stuff toy is like too much shit going on. I hate making my bed... so the less frills on it, the better. My walls however, are filled with teddies (no.. not the lingerie kind.. the furry bear kind... all from my childhood). I no longer have any sentimental attachment to the though.

7. Talking Durng Movies
Oh.. I've been shushed by my dates so many times, that this is no longer a habit of mine.

6. Going to bed without cleansing face
Sometimes, I am guilty of this still..... but very very rarely.

5. Be THAT PERSON who had too much to drink at a party
hmm.. ok... apart from Mark's Phuket party 2 Christmases ago (I got so drunk.. i danced on the dining table, and kicked glasses off it! )... I have had a bit too much champagne at Sunday brunches all throughout last year, and early this year. Other than that... I hardly ever drink. I am craving another Sunday brunch though.

4. Justin Bieber
Anyone over 16 who has a thing for this boy, should be shot.

3. Robert Downey Jr
No.. haha... just kidding. No woman should ever forget the Iron Man.... or his audi.

2. Calling her father Daddy
No can do. I am a daddy's girl.

1. Baby Talk
I am so guilty. :( I'm not a whiney person. But when I am with my significant other, I tend to go into baby mode some times... I think it's because I crave affection. I guess I got into the habit as well because I was dating someone quite a bit older. But it doesn't work on my current significant other who is just 3 years older than I am. Oh well! C'est la vie!


  1. Anonymous8:50 am

    who is the current significant other ????

    This is such sudden news!

  2. Anonymous3:38 pm

    my bf also 3 yrs younger and it sucks.. zzz...

  3. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Holly you are looking really ugly now...wats up with that, you know u r sending a very bad msg out to your readers esp the young ones....thin does not equal beautiful!

  4. i understand ur concern.

    but pls do understand as well tht not every thin person is annorexic.

    Plus, I don't have any body image issues... I love the way I look. ( I definitely can't be the curvy, meaty, body fat above 20% type woman.. it's not my nautral body type.. so I'd probably have to OVER-EAT to get that).

    so before you go pinning the "unhealthy body image" tag ... do realise... that YES, thin can be just as beautiful as Fat, as beautiful as muscular, as beautiful as just your regular average size too.

    My message to young readers is to dare to be yourself,and be happy being your best self.

    I never advocate starving = beautiful. And I certainly don't say that if you have a few extra pounds = you should shoot yourself or anything like that.

    My weight is 46kg, last year it was 48-49kg. And the difference I have found in my body compared to like a ayear ago.. is tht I lost most of my weight around my butt and thighs ( cos i can wear all the same tops, but had to buy all new bottoms, new jeans etc)... I think i still have a smokin hot ass btw. lol

  5. What is your height with that weight? BMI? I would guess 20-22.

  6. huh?? 20 to 22??

    no la. not so high. even last year when i was fatter, my bmi was about 19.

    now it's 17 BMI, i think

    I am 165cm. ( without heels. hahaha.. but when i model I say i am 1.67 haha , but ALL girls do tht)

  7. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Saw her outside before. Looks delicious and while she is thin, it's deliciously thin not boney like how you see on some of the photos which somehow make her look so.

  8. Ah Seng1:19 am

    It's ok Holly, i support you!! Thin also chio what! Healthy thin is sexy ok!!!

  9. Anonymous1:17 pm

    I do think that there is a need to tone down the girlishness once you hit 30. I just turned 30 and I make a conscious effort to stop dressing in ribbons and hearts. It's not to abandon the girl in you but to embrace the woman within.


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