Many Things I'd Like To Share With You...


First, a quick shout out to those who loooove Rompers & Jumpers. Sunday Nine's latest collection (4) is solely rompers and jumpers. Knock Yourselves out.

If you're not going anywhere this Hari Raya weekend, then you can keep yourself from boredom by picking out your favourite pieces from colections 1 to 4.

Quote "HollyJean" to get 10% Off .

(And remember.. they promise a little surprise every sunday at 9!)

Excuse Me, Are You A Model??

This week, I interviewed 3 SuperModelMe Season 2 contestants:

Which leggy babe is a Star Wars fan? Who wouldn't hesitate to stab you in the eye with a pencil? Which brainy one impressed me by drawing out symbolic references from Lord of the Flies!?

Find out here -
Interview with Emiko Thein

Interview with Elizabeth Moulden
Interview with Tanja Widing


Hi Puppy Dog!

Got Lola this dog snack... it's Spare Ribs! Lucky pup!


Fun Shoot

I had a photoshoot last weekend for a new Panasonic laptop.
Very cool. I could stand on it! (not kidding) It was a very fun shoot, fun crew to work with.

After the shoot, they still had the energy to get spoof shots :) haha. This is the make up artist doing kung fu on the lappie.

This... errr... Damn cute. haha.


I've been busy busy!! I think my stylehunter's shoot this Sunday morn is going to be super fun (theme & location change!!) and I have an ettusais/CLEO mag shoot on Monday morning. Really looking forward to that one.

Been working at my lap top all morning too... It's 3plus now. MUST RESIST DOING ANY MORE WORK TODAY.

OK I'm off to watch a movie in a while.. the girl with the dragon tattoo. Wanted to watch resident evil.. but i's only out tomorrow!

Don't work so hard.. enjoy the long weekend everyone! And to my Muslim friends and readers, Selamat Hari Raya!


  1. Yay! I'm catching Resident Evil tomorrow in 3D!!! Where are u gonna watch the tattoo movie? I was gonna watch it like last week and i couldn't find it anymore!

  2. Anonymous12:40 am

    You look nice!

  3. @Kuen - just came home.. was at plaza sing, 8.50 show. was almost 3 hrs long. but interesting!

    @anon- oh thank you.

  4. Anonymous5:04 pm

    hi, can you share where you got those heels from?

  5. Resident Evil was nice! But i think it should be watched in 3D. Don't think too much and you'll enjoy the movie :)

  6. Anonymous1:20 am

    omg loooove those clogs!!!

  7. sherin10:53 pm

    Holly! Love the shoes! where from please?

  8. my heels are from a Taiwanese brand called Air Space.

  9. Anonymous9:16 am

    Hi Holly,
    noticed you gave Lola a spare ribs. I had an emergency related episode with this treat cos it got stuck in my dog's large intestine and he had problem passing it out. Each time when he tried to exert pressure, he will be in pain. It is not about him not chewing up the spare rib but the sharp edges even when he bite it in small pieces. Vet warned us of the possibility that this treat can puncture his intestine hence we swore off it since that emergency scare. Luckily we gave him some laxative and he could pass it out eventually.. Just be very careful .. Perhaps veal tendons will be a better option :)

  10. oh gosh. thanks for the warning.

    (Damn it! I bought a big bag full. and it's sooo expensive!)


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