Malacca: Short Trip, Long Story.

The first trip with my new beau. We left Singapore on Saturday afternoon, instead of the early morning because I had something on. By the time we had lunch and got to Tuas check point, it was like 3pm. My bad.

Tuas checkpoint is a breeze to get through (no idea why people bother queuing at Woodlands! Maybe because once you get across, it's like tolls tolls tolls... damn it). But as much as I love my own country in such a snobby way that I want to turn my nose up at our neighbour, Malaysia.... I have to admit, they do have a beautiful country.

So.. we were happily chatting and cruising speeding along... GB and I, like a new couple in the honeymoon phase usually do... when almost 2 hours into the drive, we heard a funny sound.


Was there something wrong with the car? Sounded like there was something stuck on the tyres.

So he stopped at the road shoulder, and very chivalrously told me to "Stay in the car..." because it was dangerous, and cars really speed down these Malaysian highways (we were doing like 160kmph and there were still cars going past us) and they even overtake using the road shoulder. (hello people?!)

So I did as I was told, while he walked around the car, and checked. I constantly looked back towards the traffic thinking- Please don't let some speeding car come and hit my BF.

Nothing wrong. Then he popped the hood, still nothing.

He got back in the car, and we still heard the same damn flapping scrapping type noise.. almost like something loose in the engine sort of sound. So we drove damn slowly.... but I'm thinking, at least we're very close to Malacca already. And as we were listening to the damn sound, trying to figure out what it was... we missed the damn exit off the highway!

If there ever was a moment to be stressed and slightly panicked, this would be it. The next exit was like almost 40Km away. I was thinking.. ooohhh shiiit... we won't make it to the next exit amd in ten minutes we're going to need someone to tow our asses out of here!

So we pull in to a rest stop near by, parked and he decided to look at the car again. As he's walking around the car, looking, scrutinising.... I came out too.

The first place started looking at was the front of the car, intending to make a whole round of inspection as well. But as clear as day, as I stood there, I saw that the front body kit part was broken. And I'm thinking (possibly in a very bimbo fashion)...... - is this front bit supposed to look like this? .... because my BF's been looking all around the car, he couldn't have missed this right?

He somehow did manage to miss it. (Although until today, I have no idea how he could have missed that) (Men!)

So we drive up to the nearby petrol station to get a screwdriver. He was going to remove the bodykit... with a small screwdriver... on his own. He did a couple of screws... then the screwdriver wouldn't fit under one part because his suspension is so low. So, he proceeds to try to rip off the body kit with his bare hands. (Men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

And I start saying.... "Let's just tie up the front part"... and he replied that it wouldn't work because it would just come off and won't hold.

And he proceeds to rip it again, and I start saying (admitedly probably in a very annoying whiney tone), "Baby.. nooo.. baby... no... you're going to make it worse.... let's just tie it up". And then he said, "Would you just fucking shut up."

He didn't shout it, he just said it. But it was enough to shock me. I backed off. I also thought, ok, like the saying goes- the true measure of a man is how he acts in a crisis. *snooty nose in the air, I think I'm quoting Churchill Ya'll ! *

And me, being the pessimist that I am, started thinking, ok.. this relationship is all downhill from here.

GB goes for a quick pee break. I am still sore that he dismissed my suggestion and I was adamant to proof that it was a good idea in the first place. So I took the ribbon from my Ballet Shoe bag ( I keep my shoes in here when I travel). Ohhh the sacrifice!!
I bent down infront of the car (in my pretty blue dress!) and used my foot to hold the offending piece of plastic up in place and tied it to the car with my purple ribbon. I even did it in a bow. Then I sat in the car and waited, pretending I didn't do anyhing and was just waiting all along. And also upset with him btw.

When he got back to the car, and saw that it was fixed (well.. sorta fixed... haha), he smiled. And seeing him smile made me smile (even though I was actually pissed off with him). He got back in, kissed me and said "thank you honey for fixing the car." (Even though he probably thought... yeah, I give it 5km and that little string is going to unravel and the plastic will start dragging on the road again)
As we were driving, I was quiet. And he didn't know what I was angry about. (Sound familiar, ladies?)
Then when I finally said that it was because he asked me to fucking shut up.. he was shocked (genuinely). He didn't realise he said that. And he was not angry or annoyed with me while trying to fix the car. I did hear him say it, though perhaps I think I over reacted. It wasn't said in a shouty manner. Perhaps in that moment he was just flustered (I have that effect on people).
Anyway... problem fixed, and we didn't have to drive cautiously slow anymore. Plus, the little string lasted all the way to Malacca (via major detour)... and lasted all the was back to Singapore too! Yay purple ballet ribbon!
With the car "problem", and the detour we had to make because of the missed exit.. we got to Malacca and checked in to Makhota hotel pretty late :( . I think it was 6 plus in the evening.
We just walked around the city and had dinner. Malacca is very pretty by night.
I love the ambience by the river
... it's so tranquil and quiant looking, compared to the alien invasion type feel that Clark Quay (in Singapore) has developed.
We had the Famosa Chicken rice balls.... so crowded... but honestly, nothing to scream about.
Chendol. Also nothing to scream about. But my man sure can eat. I didn't even take pics of everything we had that night.

Night market...

Jonker Walk.

Making my own candy floss!!

Then we stopped for more food... and walked back to our hotel ... and went to bed. :)

The next day, bright and early, we skipped the hotel breakfast.. walked down to the touristy strip, and I had kaya toast, he had Laksa. Laksa was very nice!!! Better than katong Laksa... if you like it creamier, and with a lot of stuff inside (like huge ass mofo prawns and egg and cockles).

Then we walked around.. looking for interesting bits.
We walked past this "Beauty Museum"... and he said, "You better not go in there honey, because they won't let you out."

Ok.. everybody say- Awwwwwwww..... :)

Damn sweet my boyfriend. The same fucker that told me to "fucking shut up". (yes, I think he knows it will be a while before I let go of that one. haha)

The iconic red church. Malacca is lovely by day too... bit hot. Makes me wonder... where did Singapore go wrong? I mean we do have all these elements.. like shophouses, and rivers, and churches and other stuff.. but somehow it just didn't mash so well with the new bits.
We also walked up to the ruined church... mmm... can't remember the name. It's on the hill beside the red church.
It's actually a great place to take photos. So if you are ever in Malacca, do take a walk up here.
There was a railing in there that was like 6 metres high, and he jokingly asked if I wanted him to climb it. And I said yeah, go ahead. Just to see how far he would take the dare. Then he proceeded to start to climb it.. and I pulled him down, and said, no.... don't... you'll get us kicked out of here. And he said- oh, you didn't stop me because you were worried I might get hurt?

Well.. to come to think of it... no. haha. :)

Then at about 1pm, we checked out and drove home.

Ok.. there .. my weekend in Malacca. I know this whole long post was all about me, and hardly about Malacca. But hey, you should be used to that by now. :)
I had a great birthday weekend. Thank you GB. *Big Kiss*
And thank you eveyone for the wonderful birthday wishes too. *friendly kisses*
p/s- I'm leaving on Sunday on a bigger adventure... tell you more later...stay tuned.


  1. hi holly! i believe he was just frustrated and said it without thinking, dont take it too hard alright? i believe he's a sweet guy!
    and plus i believe he doesnt want to spoil the trip by delaying much, thus he panicked.
    you certainly looked like u enjoyed the trip alot thou!


  2. Anonymous11:18 am

    hi holly babe =)..can u tell me whr did u get this hat from?

  3. Haha. When we get annoyed/angry at each other, me and my boyf say shit like fuck off, you're so fucking annoying, and even worse shit. But we get over it because words are just words. Words are cheap. Anyone can talk shit.

    Don't over analyze it!

    xx LH

  4. I know... now we just joke about it. but when it happened, i was just a bit shocked.


    the hat is from Clothes&People, less than 20bucks(click on their banner on top of my blog to get there)

  5. Anonymous12:26 pm

    What did GB get you for your burthday?

  6. He's taking me on a holiday this sunday :)

  7. Have a good time! Sounds like a month long of Birthday celebration haha.

  8. HJ,

    Did the new BF apologize for his very rude and mean remark?

    If he is a gentleman then he should have apologized quickly.

  9. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Holly, just a random question. Is GB an asian or a caucasian?

  10. Hi David,

    yes he did apologise. :) water under the bridge now.

    @ anon- He is caucasian

  11. Valle1:57 am

    I'll never allow my bf to say the F-word to me. Leave that for his mates, NOT me. Likewise I don't say that to him no matter how pissed or frustrated i get. I dun want our rship to be like some cheap rship filled with cursed words and no respect at all. Sure it starts with the swear words being used as an expression or release of's always a small start.

  12. here sho comes to save the day! don't worry about it girl. I know how it feels but I am sure he didn't mean it.

  13. your trip sounds fab babe!

    i think GB probably didnt realised it and was just annoyed at the whole car situation. as long as you highlighted it and he doesn't do it anymore, i think it should be fine!

    happy for you babe! :)

  14. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Dear Holly, the measure of a man is his response when he is most frustrated or angry, and words should not be thrown around with such frivolity. You were an English teacher (if I'm not wrong, if not, sorry), I believe you respect language since you articulate well. Take care Holly!

  15. Words are just words and the meaning what matters. I mean the intention that he wanted to come across.

    I used to tell to my mom that I don't really see the difference between shit and poo, they are the exact same thing, but someone arbitrarily labelled one form of wording bad and one good.

  16. U placed a smiley face emoticon :) at the end of going to bed part.
    I'm guessing it was a great night, :)


  18. Anonymous8:11 pm

    May I know where did you get the white tank top?

  19. ahh.. really cant remember.

    prob some free singlet tht came as the inner singlet of a 2 piece top... cos it's very thin cheapo material.


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