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The second shelf in my cupboard is my pretty shelf... it houses more colours than you can imagine. These are the colours of my favourite nail polishes... and the colours of my pads and tampons.

Yes.. you read me right.. I said colours of my pads and tampons! Don't know what I mean??? Here's a close up.

Did it make you go WOW????

I've been using the colourful tampons from Kotex for a long while now, I love how they sit pretty in my handbag....

... gone are the days where I have to hide and cover up embarrassing looking tampons!

But the new star in the scene is the Kotex LUXE pads. (Launched on 13 September at all leading supermarkets)

Kotex LUXE is a new product which makes having a period quite a pretty affair! ( Never thought you'd hear the words "period" and "pretty" in the same sentence huh!?)
Look Ma! Transparent pouch for my unmentionables!

Not only are these pads pretty on the outside, but they're colourful on the inside too!

There are 6 different designs to choose from... so you can pick the design which best suits your mood. No more boring bleached white cotton... now I can even coordinate it with my undies!

My favourite is the one with butterflies... it's so soft and girly...

The new Kotex LUXE Ultrathin design pads also come with reusable drawstring polybags that carry individually wrapped pads.

Ever since I was a young girl, Kotex has always been a brand I can trust. Kotex Ultrathin pads are super absorbant, comfortable, soft and provides maximum protection.

I'm so glad that pads are no longer just a form of protection but also one of self-expression and vibrance. We can expect to see the designs refreshed and updated regularly as well!

Check out The Kotex LUXE range here
I bet you want to start your own pretty shelf now too .. don't you ? *big smile & a wink*

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WOW! :)


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