Hungary In The Fall

Have I told you yet?

I'm leaving for Hungary this Sunday! It's pretty last minute.. was supposed to be a winter trip early next year.. but Hungary is beautiful in Autumn.... so tickets are booked... and bags will be packed soooon... eeeks running out of time... I need to pull together stuff for my fall looks.

Budapest is the capital and the largest city in Hungary. I've heard that it's one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. I have also heard great things about Austria as well (and it's only a short drive away from Hungary), but that's not for this trip because it's only about 9 days long.

I'm excited. Just think... 15hours from Singapore, I will stop over in Paris... then an hour's flight from Paris, I will step out into a whole new world.
Won't be long now.

I picked out some stuff from ClubCouture earlier this week and my package arrived today. I love how they're super speedy with delivery!
This floral scarf is perfect for the autumn winter season... and scarves are in trend all the time now, so better figure out the best ways to tie my scarf.

Fall Looks are fun because you can layer. I'm really digging the cute Jamie Cropped Coat. It's a great tweedy looking coat for this season! It's got sweet pink checks, and it's lightweight and cropped so I can use it in Singapore without boiling inside.

And then for the less dressy, and more relaxed look, there's the boyfriend cardigan! It is a MUST HAVE staple this season. It makes you look instantly fuss free... like you're the kind of girl who looks effortlessly great even in her boyfriend's oversized clothes.... plus it's comfy and sunggly :)
My favourite is the dark grey boyfriend cardigan but you can also get it in white, black or light grey.

Remember Jodphurs from last year's autumn winter trend??? God they were awful looking! Virtually impossible to look good in them unless you're supermodel tall and thin.

But this autumn winter, a simlar look is back, only not flappy and awful. These black belted shorts look fab and are muuuuch easier to pull off.
There's a faux belt which will cinch your waist in, and the stretchy cuffs on the bottom give this look the harem pants sort of feel... but not as baggy... and much more flattering. (Too baggy and you'll look short!)

ClubCouture adds new stuff to the website everyday... and I just spotted this Striped Vintage Dress that I like!!! I want it for my trip!! But since I am leaving in 2 days it's too late. :( I will get it when I get back.

So cute.. with the big fabric covered buttons and the big bow on the side! A splash of colour adds a lively twist to your Fall Look. Wish I saw this dress earlier!!!!!!!

okie. Now will somebody help me pack? I am afraid I might pack my whole wardrobe.


  1. Oh my gawd u lucky gal!!! What a hell of a fine bday present!! Is it an all expense paid trip??

  2. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Good choice, Hungary is one of the most beautiful countries in EU. Autumn's landscape is captivating there. If you are to go during Christmas, go to the Xmas market in Budapest - Vörösmarty Square - which is one of the best markets in Europe. They have the best prices for their authentic folk and art deco & products.
    Yeap, via the train too, u can enjoy the sceneries to Vienna, which is another beautiful city full of beautiful architecture, shopping, and nice food. :) I was there last winter, and met up with an Hungarian friend, who told me all about her train experience From Budapest to Vienna about 3 hours. Fun!
    Enjoy your trip there, and I am sure you will spoil us with lots of beautiful pics there. Have fun!


  3. Anonymous3:48 pm


    I'm Robert from Hungary! I think you should put a warmer dresses into the suitcase, because there is a +6 celsius in Hungary (+32 in SG)!
    I hope you will fell well in my country!

  4. @Swee--- yaaaayyyy!! I can't waittt

    I've always wanted to do an epic train jouney ( ala the orient express).. but that will have to wait.


    @ Robert- ok... noted. I will be bringing tights and jeans and warmer clothes too.

    But perhaps I can borrow some clothes from someone there... if needed... afterall, if it's ok to share some "things" then clothes should be no problem. ;)


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