Girls' Night In

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Your favourite was the Royal Blue Satin Pleated tube dress from the Party Princess look.

:) (Just emailed you, pls check)

Just got back from my friend Ana (power)'s place. We had a girls' night in with Farizan (my preggers bff) and Lauretta (also known as Tata, the 5th teletubbie)

Tata is the absolute sweetest... she brought gifts for all of us. Mine was a necklace with a bunch of skeleton type keys. And a belt from Billabong. Looove the belt, it's going to go great with my jeans.

I couldn't wait.. had to just put it on. (My dress is from Excuse my pastey face, no make up.

Farizan hogged the Guitar Hero thingy. Preggy people can be so selfish. LOL. (kidding about the selfish bit.) Was sooo nice to hang out with the girls again... we were all college classmates more than a decade ago!!! (from TPJC, class 98A04). Ana and Farizan (obviously) are married. Tata is still single (interested just send me email. She might kill me if she reads this, but I think I am safe because she's the gentlest person I know)

Then we had Ben & Jerry's. I always say I don't like Ben & Jerry's and I hardly even like Ice Cream.... to date, the only ice creams I will eat are Gelare's Pecan, and Haagen Daz's Macadamia.

We were in the kitchen picking our flavours... and I wanted something mild (cos I tend to hate Ben & Jerry's for the specific reason that I find their flavours offensive.) so I picked CookieDough. But Farizan was still playing guitar hero at this point. So she was left with Cherry Garcia... which no one else wanted.

Then when she came into the kitchen, she didn't want Cherry Garcia.... so I gave her my Cookie Dough. (SEE! That's how much I love you. I took the flavour no one else wanted so you wouldn't have to take it).

But in the end I ate my whole mini tub. Damn it! (Note to self: Must start hating ice cream again!) :)

I think the ice creams tasted more delicious than normal because of the new Ice Cream Spoon set which Tata gave Ana(power). Yes.. Tata was Santa Clause tonight... she even brought the ice creams!

Mine is the blue nails, Tata is in the nudey light purple, Farizan is beside her... then the dirty hand belongs to Ana(power)... ewwwww.... Nice spoons are wasted on some people. haaaaa

Ok Goodnight!


  1. Anapower1:19 am

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Imma keeel yeewwwww!

    (buy for me prada pls)

  2. WOw im from TPJC too, that makes you my senior. This is so cool. I wonder if i would still be close to my friends 10 years from now.

  3. WOW so cool, im from TPJC, this makes you my senior.

  4. Anonymous2:50 pm

    hey holly were you high or really happy when you wrote this entry? seems rather incoherent.

  5. I've read a lot of blogs with ladies taking pics of themselves without makeup, and they have to just include the line "excuse the makeup-less face" and something along that lines.
    Why do you do that? Why should you ask people to excuse you when they're reading your blog?
    Are the ladies who do that trying to say "Sorry I look like shit without makeup." which ultimately means you're trying to say you're better with makeup on? Do we ladies really need to have makeup on to look and feel better about ourselves?

  6. @LC- for me it's pre-emptive.

    A lot of the Hate directed at me is based on pics/ looks.. Oh ur so skinny/ haggard/ fat/ pale/sickly/ hair like shit... whatever.

    SO I am conscious/reminded of my readers(or perhaps just haters) reactions when the see the pic of me looking less than perfect.

    I still want to include the pic, i have nothing to hide, but i point out that- yes i know I looke tired/pastey/like shit in this picture. Just so I don't give them fodder.. fuel to get them excited thinking... ooohh she thinks she's so pretty.. let me slam this picture of her.

    not sure why other bloggers do it. Am not much of a blog reader myself.

  7. i actually like this post. One of those rare glimpse of hj just having a girls only time and she sure did look like she was having a ball!

  8. Hi Holly,thank you for enlightening me. It's a pity you have to spend that 1 second more typing that line for the haters.
    Kinda like you're wasting your time on them. But I believe it's your way of coping with the haters.
    Make up is in a way superficial. So if the haters LOVE being delusional and think all women only look good with makeup, they're dumbarses.
    Love that you add the personal touch of replying to comments. Love your blog! :)

  9. Anonymous7:18 am

    I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  10. sure. just email with printscreen of your stats (unique hits), and I'llreply with mine.

    we'll see if it's mutually beneficial/feasible.



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