Celebrating the Big Three O

I turn 30 on the 26th of this month! The 30th year is a milestone birthday.

Btw, Did you know, Bill Gates made $234 million by age 30?!

Some of my favourite celebs turn 30 this year...Alicia Keys, Kim Kardashian, Jason Segel (How I met your mother! love it!), Zooey Deschanel.

And some of my not so favourite celebs too: Christina Aguilera, Nick Carter (he used to be the baby from the Back Street Boys!), Tiger Wood's wife (golfclub weilding viking).

You know what? My last few birthdays were not celebrated with anywone special. I mean a "significant other" kind of special.

Mark & I split about about 2 weeks before my last Birthday. It was the F1 weekend.. and I attended the F1Rocks concert on the eve with my best friend F... then I got to watch the race on my birthday with someone I was dating then.

My best friend F is coming to Singapore again (but heavily preggers this time !).... My male buddy A is coming back from his 3 year stint in Denmark... My ex Mark promised me the Maldives for my Birthday this year, (on the condition that I were still single... because holidaying with another man's girl.. is well.. so wrong.. no matter how platonic the intentions are. Don't you agree?). I thought it was a great idea when we made the pact a few months ago, but it no longer appeals to me now. I would much rather find a special someone to spend my birthday with rather than settle for a nice holiday as consolation prize for stil being SINGLE!

So maybe I should have a dinner party? ( though I think that would be a bit stressful playing hostess on a day that is meant for MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)

Maybe I should just getaway for the weekend away? (But it's also my puppy, Lola's, 1st birthday)

And these things take planning! It's already the 2nd! I need to make up my mind soon.

I am looking forward to my 30s (ok.. maybe I'm lying)... haha... well.. I don't know... physically, I feel better than ever before... I think my body is at it's best now than ever before (I know many will disagree and say I'm boney and haggard... whatever).

Well.. you know what? Compared to most of my peers who have balooned or gotten jiggly or a bit thicker looking when they hit 30... I am VERY happy with myself.

This year, I might finally get to celebrate it with someone special :)



  1. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Hey Holly,

    Do you still exercise? Your body looks ok, a little thin, but your face definitely looks more haggard. I think only teens can pull off this body weight.

  2. I was looking out for the three Os, didn't catch it at 1st :P

  3. mmm hmmm, so your FB status should be changed and not "single" ? is it WIP then? Hope it all goes well just in time for your big b-day bash !

  4. Anonymous10:29 pm

    hi Holly, how do u manage to look so toned and youthful still? do u take supplements?

  5. babe, your birthday falls on 26th Sept!??

  6. @anon2.45 uhm.. okay.
    (Havent been exercising as much as last year)

    @kuen ha. Silly cow! :)

    @jason well. Wip. and dont want to jinx it.

    @anon10.29 no supplements. But anon 2.45 said i was haggard. Ha. So u might not want to look like me. Perhaps anon2.45 ccan show us pics and give us tips. :)

    @jeanine. Ya.. why so shocked???

  7. Happy for u! What is the nationality of this special someone?

  8. Anonymous9:17 pm

    i'm anon 2:45, same height and weight as you actually. I have that slightly haggard look too, so can't advise. Like i said, only teens pull off this weight, coz they haven't lost subcutaneous fat around the face yet.

  9. ME TOO! I'm born on 26 sept.

    omg. LOL. how come we didn't realise it last year!

  10. Huh?? realise it last year? Do I know u personally?? are u the ettusais jeanine?

    haha... yay sept 26!


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