The Approach On The Big 3-0

On Wednesday night, I had an early birthday dinner with my dearest friends at Villa Bali. (Since I'm not going to be around on my birthday weekend).

GB & I got there on time, and my friends were running late. Alwyn was held up at work. Farizan's (sometimes known on my blog as F) cab driver, the idiot, took her to Havelock Road, instead of Lock road! And heard Villa Bali as River Valley. Haaaaaaaaaaaa....

So while waiting, we had drinks. GB had a nice fruity one while I had a Jaiger Bomb... haha... almost 30, I and chose a jaiger bomb... so classy HJ!

But everyone made it in the end. Farizan(plus baby Tara in belly) and her husband Andy.... and Alwyn. (I hearted GB out of the picture... not because I don't want to share but I'm just trying to give him as much privacy as I can, in my blog world)

I may have tonnes of aquaintences, but I have very very very few close friends who have been with me through shit times and good times alike... and yet don't judge me unfavourably. The last few years have been somewhat sad because Farizan works in Indonesia... and then went on to get married and now lives there! And Alwyn just spent 3 years in Denmark.

So it's the first birthday in a yearssssssssss where I have both my best girlfriend and best guyfriend in the same country as me at the same time! I'm glad GB got to meet them both AND likes them!

Blowing out the candle on my brownie dessert.

It was such a happy night... and there'll be more to come now that Alwyn is back for good, and F is here until after the baby is born.

P/s- my bouquet dress is from thestylehunter ... black is sold out, but you can still get it in white.

Random Thoughts as I Approach 30

I don't know if this is a sad fact or not, but if you took the internet away from me, I would feel crippled.

LOL does not mean "laugh out loud", it means I'm not really interested and I have nothing else to say.

I am not very fussed about being politically correct.
I wish people would just say what they mean.

I don't like or watch GLEE or Twilight.

I have not experienced snow. (I know! How deprived!)
I now have less patience for the incompetent.

Chocolate flavours taste like chocolate. Mango drinks taste like mango. Banana milk tastes like bananas... but Why do strawberry flavoured things NEVER taste like strawberries?

One of the worsts points to realise you're wrong is in the middle of a heated argument.

Smoking. What's with the yellow boxes and the segregation? Air is air. So one can smoke here, but 2 inches to the left, it's not allowed? Isn't having a smoking section, and smoking tables in the al fresco part of the cafe/coffeeshop just like marking out a yellow box for peeing within a swimming pool?

You know the thing about Men with flash and expensive cars- that they have small dicks and are just compensating for that? I think it's the poor men who started this rumour out of spite and envy.

I skip when I am happy.

I am happy.


  1. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Yeah i got tricked by the strawberry. The ice cream and the milk shake taste so good but i never once like the fruit!

  2. yeah! i totally get the lol part which means i'm not interested and have nothing else to say. But some people NEVER get that.

  3. Anonymous3:30 pm

    hahaha.. tricked by the strawberry!

    Villa Bali looks nice HJ... I always wanted to go there but it'sa bit out of the way.

    Happy 30th birthday!

  4. Anonymous3:31 pm

    hahaha.. tricked by the strawberry!

    Villa Bali looks nice HJ... I always wanted to go there but it'sa bit out of the way.

    Happy 30th birthday!

  5. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Yeah, the strawberry is smarter than you think :P

  6. Are you 30? Thought it's still a year away?

  7. "Isn't having a smoking section, and smoking tables in the al fresco part of the cafe/coffeeshop just like having a Peeing section in a swimming pool?"


    Perfect argument to ban smoking altogether!

  8. @anon3.19 - i LOVE PINK stuff but I actually cant stand all strwberry flavoured things!! very artificial tasting!!! I'm a vanilla milkshake whore though.. omg... vanillaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    @Kiwi- LOL.

    (Just Kidding!)

    @anon3.30 - the ambience is great.. but the food is so so ??

    @anon3.57 - indeed it seems to be!

    @snugloft- i turn 30 this Sunday. sept 26 1980

  9. i dont think it's a strong enough argument to ban smoking altogether.. all I was trying to put across is that segragating the physical floor area makes no difference to the actual air we breathe when it's all outdoors anyway.

    The restriction is superfluous!

    Having designated smoking areas that are enclosed makes sense.. like smoking rooms. They should ban smoking in public, and charge people to use the smoking rooms... but the smoking rooms must have state of the art fliters, and nice furnishing etc.. lol

    create a supercult of smokers. LOL

  10. Man.... I wanna see GB!!!!!!! :((((((

  11. Happy birthday Holly Jean!

  12. Anonymous3:22 pm

    is GB = Good Boy ?
    LOL ;P

  13. Holly Jean,

    Congrats on achieving 30 years on the good Earth!

    Being twice your age I can only tell you the best time of your life is yet to come.

    The first 30 years only just prepare you for the challenges and opportunities the next 30 and more years will bring your way.

    Enjoy each day you awaken and take a breath!



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