What is Your Label?

Often, people spend too much time in the beginning of a relationship worrying or arguing about labels. Some people are label adverse, while some others need it.

I personally like labels. For me, it makes things clear and much less complicated. Are you just a friend? Are you a fuckbuddy? Are you a boyfriend? Are we exclusive? Are we just dating? Am I nuts?

I don't think that any of these labels are bad or wrong (yes, even the fuckbuddy one).. because they're mutual and honest. As long as both parties are comfortable with the said label, then that's fair. Labels aren't a permanent death sentence... labels can change over time too, as the relationship develops...(or ends.. duh).

The only thing I have a problem with is when one partner doesn't know what to label a relationship. To me, that's very confusing... how can you not know what something is to you?

Is it just me? Or do you agree that when someone says he or she doesn't know what the relationship is, or dodges these kind of questions.... they do indeed know what the status is... but they're just not telling you ... because perhaps you're not going to agree with it and will leave.

Still, I think honesty is the way to go... no matter what the outcome. Even if you're not into labels, you at least have to let the other person know where they stand, and where the relationship might be heading.

Ultimately, I say - If you liked it then you should've put a label on it. *to the Tune of Beyonce's -"All the single ladies"*


Been trying on clothes and deciding what to take on my HongKong trip next week. I am flying Tiger Air and I didn't pay for any like check in luggage, so am only allowed 7kg hand luggage. I will pack light here, bring only staples, and buy everything else there. Then maybe if I shop a lot there, then I will pay to check a bag in on the way home. LOL.

I love the Sage Embellished Dress from UrbanAlised.
The embelishment is on both shoulders, and the rest of the dress is stretchy fabric which drapes your frame nicely.

Will pack this one incase we have a night out at Lan Kwai Fong... :)


  1. Anonymous4:30 am

    better check what the weather's gonna be like!

  2. girl with the looming deadline9:38 am

    The label thing worked for me!When my bf and I first started going out, we made it clear that we weren't dating exclusively (tho' as far as I know, he didn't see anyone else at that time; I did). But one day, we had a talk and we decided that we really didn't want to see anyone else, so we made it 'official' that we were exclusively dating - then by default, got elevated to bf/gf status.
    I'm probably making it sound more regimented than the process actually was, but you get my point :)

  3. i'm a brand concious person too! It's easier defining the relationship. I guess when a person doesn't wanna label a relationship, it's by default a fuckbuddy since they are afraid to commit to one.

  4. I think your right, and the problem isn't really when having labels (no mater what the label is). The problem is when the two parties have different labels. Like when a guy gives the fuck-buddy label but the girl a boyfriend label, or a girl the friend label but the guy a girlfriend label. Because if somebody has misidentified the person (relationship) and finds out that the label isn't what they thought, then there will be a new label when they find out "counterfeit / fraud". Just like when shopping for products it's not bad to intentionally buy a fake $25 Prada bag, but many tend to get upset when buying $500 one and find out it's really a china knock off... This also why some dodge the "true" labels (put on fake tags) because there are bigger profit margins in counterfeiting. i think that's why it's important to not ASSUME the other party "Gets" what the label Really is, and the sooner the better because i would rather be labeled a jackass than a fraud, counterfeit, or cheater.

  5. just pack undies and toiletries! you're going to buy ALOT there. :p


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