Sunday Lemmings: Have Luggage, Will Travel

I'm going to Hong Kong for 4 nights with my brother Wesley, 2 weeks from now. (Have you been? Tell me stuff!)

Ever since I forgot the combination code for the lock on my pink ettusais cabin case... I've been using a small black TUMI case... (it's the match for my ex-BF's larger case!)... it's practical and serves its purpose but it's the type of luggage that will last a lifetime... possibly indestructable even.... ahhhhhhh... I cannot make that sort of luggage commitment. It's high time for a change! AND I hate blackkkkk.

These are some of the ultra cute luggage I'm lemming for...The Editor Series from Steamline Luggage. So unbelievably F-ing cute. The pink cabin bag and the pink make up train case... I waaaaaannnnt!!! Not bothered about the mustard coloured one but I am unbelievably in love with the pink ones... My birthday is in 2 months, but they don't have these in Singapore do they?? Plus you can't just walk into a shop and buy these, there's a waiting list ! Somewhere out there, some lucky women are totting around the airports with that pink stowaway and pink vanity case... almost makes me want to cry :(

I guess the next best thing would be this full pink leather cases from Kangol. OMG have I died and gone to Barbie heaven???

I still prefer Steamline's Editor series X100 times more.


Ohh.. ok last thing to add on my lemmings list: Bib Necklaces!

I've got one so far from ClubCouture. It's a party piece.. :)
ChocoMarimba has a new range (hand made) and they're so colourful... would go great with summer dresses and dress up solid colourful tanks!
They also have floral crochet ones... but I like the embroidery looking ones better.
Ok, Happy Sunday everyone! (Tomorrow, there's a Lace Top to be given away)

P/s- Don't forget to tell me about HK!!! Where to shop, eat, what to see? Is it hard to get around if I don't speak Cantonese? TIA


  1. babe! you can get luggages like these at a shop in bugis called Grandchild.

    i saw a lot of them in japan too but way too small for me!

  2. Hong Kong rocks! Bring a half empty suitcase and later, cool off with loads of really good food (go to Maxims' for tim sum!) and dessert :o) An interesting experience is hitting the beach (yes, they have beaches!) Stanley is pretty darn cool but watch out for the public showers. For some silly reason, you change in the changing room and shower in public...amid the ah peks.

  3. So Paris Hilton!! Hehe

  4. Those luggages are cute ^^

    But since you are going to Hong Kong, I'd suggest you holding off buying any in Singapore because the choices in Hong Kong is phenomenal (if you go to the right spots! Google a bit for the places to go to for great shopping buys. I haven't been but all my friends say the same)

    But check out these too:



  5. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Hi Holly, I went to HK in June. If you can speak Mandarin, it's fine. They do understand a bit of Eng. too. Some of the more popular places for shopping are, Granville Rd, Causeway Bay, Argyle Centre, among others.

  6. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Hey! Just back from Hong Kong not too long ago, end of July, and I must say IT'S AMAZING. Minus the fact that it's summer and weather sucks badly. The clothes there are waaayy cheaper and one key point - BARGAIN. One shopping mall that I'd recommend - Argyle Centre. It's located at Mong Kok. Shopping heaven! Some tourist spots are Madame Tussauds, The Peak, Ngong Ping 360.

  7. Your post reminded me of a HK Guide I read off Wonderwool sometime back.

    Here's the link:

    Hope it'll be of help to you (:

  8. Anonymous1:20 am

    Collar bones that scream "I need food"..predict another blog post about missed periods cos your body looks a wreck in need of medical help.

  9. The pink leather luggage is really pretty but I find that hard shell luggage are more practical. Especially during those long queues to check-in at the airport; I can sit on it without fearing it'll break. ;-)

    As for Hong Kong, I'm highly recommending a Japanese restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui called Akita Robatayaki. They serve teppanyaki. If you love seafood (lobsters, abalone, prawns...) this is definitely the place for you, the seafood is VERY fresh! Price for dinner for two is reasonable considering that you get good service and really good food.

    3/F, 8 Observatory Court
    Tsim Sha Sui, Hong Kong
    Phone : 23162727
    (Be sure to make reservations!)

    Oh and if weather permits, hop on the cable car to Lantau Island. The ride is pretty impressive. And on your way back, don't forget to stop by Citygate Outlets. There is Kate Spade factory outlet there!

  10. eat...
    please have yo mama yoghurt!

    have lunch at spuntini

    lan fong yuen, main shop at central
    a must-have, try the milk tea.

    factory outlets @ peddar street/tung chung
    quaint shops @ SOHO

    for more ideas, go to timeout.


    THANK YOU EVERYONE for the recommendations... and thank you to those who sent itineraries to my email!

    I will need a few days to look at all the info.

    BIG appreciative hug.

  12. Jess Pereira7:18 pm

    You probably already know this but they have Disneyland.

    Mum went about a month ago...not as good as the U.S but still worth a look depending on how much time you have and if you like that sort of thing. Have fun :D


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