One For My Look Book

My taste is always changing and evolving. And right now, my personal style is all about texture - I'm particularly in love with chiffon and I am drawn to dresses with ruffles or draping or pleats.

When it comes to accessories, I love jangly stuff like charm bracelets and multiple bangles as well as bolder necklaces and chokers.
All clothes and accessories to getthis look are from ClubCouture (except the shoes).

However, you won't be able to get the exact same outfit now. ClubCouture's stuff sells out so fast!

But here, I've pulled together a similar look with stuff that's still in-stock... for now (!)
Kaitlyn Drape Dress, Gemstone Satin Ribbon Necklace, Puerta White Clutch and the Black & Gold Bangle set.

Dressing up is fun, and we're all spoilt for choice. Here are some of my favourite ClubCouture looks this year-
My hot pink body con dress for late nights out with friends.
Satin cocktail tube dress for dressy dinner events.Flirty semi-sheer top for casual dinner dates.

Magenta tank for afternoons in the sun.Embelished tanks for social lunches.
My Favouriteeee paint splatter play dress for poolside lounging and dreamy days.
My signature tank for a cool and easy look to pull off for concerts and events

Everyone's personal Look book is different.
Go check out their latest collection this season - ClubCouture FLAIR. Maybe you'll see something that's your style :)
I particularly love the bold reds in this collection. Check out the patent red bag and the little red dresses and the red romper while you're there!


  1. Anonymous11:14 pm

    your shoes are gorge! where did u get them from?

  2. Anonymous6:53 am

    HJ, you are so beautiful. Not pretty, not hot but beautiful. I hope you know that bebe!: )

  3. i love your killer heels. from aldo? guess?

  4. THose are my 6 inch dinner heels. ( yes, SIX freakin inches.. haha) but a killer to walk in lol. so not for shopping etc for sure.

    It was only 30 plus at a shoe shop in downtown east ( near my place) ground floor, next to the singtel shop...

  5. Eh Anony, that's how i felt too but i was pointed out in Stomp that a lot of these "Volunteers" are actually school kids and NSF who are Volunteered to do them. It's not for them to complain since they are tag as Volunteers so we should stand up for them haha.

  6. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Hihi. Sorry for bringing it up here, but I wanted to buy some stuff from thestylehunter and haven't heard from them for days. I just commented again in the morning today and still haven't heard from them. Do you have any idea what happened?:(

  7. nope.. prob they're out sourcing for stock overseas ( they do tht every couple of weeks)...

    wait a few days, and if you dont hear from them by monday, email me at and i will forward it to their private email for u .

  8. Hey sorry that comment above was written for the other post. I swiped my login and that post appeared out of nowhere and overwritten what i wanted to say :X


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