It's like Watching Hair Grow.

Hanging out with my Bro.

No no... I still haven't cut my hair yet... my fringe is taking so bloody long to grow out.. it's practically the same length still!!!

When you want to hyperbolise how long something takes, you can use the phrase - Like watching hair grow!

Like OMG, F took so long to finish her story, it was like watching hair grow! :)

My waves have started to come back.. ( a bit)... so that's great.I have already started to brush my bangs away from my face, and to the side. This is in prep for when I finally do get it cut, so I hopefully won't have to rebond or relax it to get it to fall to the side.Btw, my Cute red checkered top is from Missy Jay ! I love it. It's sooo Holly Jean!
I knotted it around the waist and wore a white tank inside.

Have you noticed anything different about my eyes?????

My eye make up is different! I just started using white on my waterline, and I love the look! I used to avoid lining my eyes with white because I thought that people with big eyes should avoid it. But it has actually made my eyes brighter looking.
I actually used a creamy white eyeshadow to line my waterline and it worked well . Use white eyeliner instead if you have it! I only did my bottom waterline. I used normal black eyeliner on the eyelid and smudged it along my bottom lash line as well.

For those who don't know (I learnt it only recently!), the waterline is the pink, fleshy line just above where your eyelashes grow. It's sort of the inner rim of the eyes, that bit.


  1. i thought u look like a mannequin.


  2. Anonymous3:56 pm

    what lippie are u wearing??? I love the colour.. it's like a doll!

  3. Anonymous6:01 pm

    i hate to say it but you've lost weight are so skinny..

  4. Hey HJ,
    Just being curious, what course did you major in university?

  5. hi MM

    at NUS I did my BA in Philosophy and Theatre Studies.

    Then before I started teaching, I did my PGDE in English & Literature.

    EL & Lit was a DAMNNNNNN BORE. but philo and theatre were very very interesting...

  6. Can you do a make up tutorial for your new eye make up? :) its a lovely look!

  7. sure! i love teaching and doin make up videos.

    but i cant film it right now as my room is too dark.. esp for filming eyemake up.. it needs to be clear.

    so will find a suitable place and do it soon.

  8. Anonymous12:33 pm

    I like the new look, I think the white water line brightens up not just your eyes but your whole face.
    In conjunction with having your fringe to the side showing more of your face, it seems to give a lighter brighter fresher look.
    I think the new look helps make you look happy and friendly more effortlessly, and if the dress and makeup can make you look happier and friendlier with a simple smirk than darker and more sultry look with a broad smile. Then i would have to say Less is More.

  9. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Drawing on my waterline is slightly painful for me. is it supposed to be like tt?

  10. Nooo. no pain at all.

    is ur eyeliner pencil too hard? try softening the tip by rubbing it between ur thumb and index finger before drawing ur waterline.

    I use an eyeshadow stick tht feels very creamy in texture, so maybe thts why it doesnt hurt at all.

  11. I like your contacts! The eye make-up is very nicely done. :)


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